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Michael Buffer's $400 Million Net Worth - Earning as Ring Announcer and Actor

Published Sat Jan 04 2020 By aisha
Michael Buffer's $400 Million Net Worth -  Earning as Ring Announcer and Actor

Michael Buffer is a professional ring announcer in boxing and wrestling. From only being a ring announcer, Buffer has a whooping net worth of $400 million.

Buffer has mostly managed his worth from being a ring announcer and also by working as an actor in various movies and television series. He is also involved in several commercials.

Buffer, being a ring announcer has earned an astonishing net worth of $400 million. He is also one of the best ring announcers of all time along with Howard Finkel, Justine Roberts, and Lilian Garcia.

Earning As Announcer

Michael Buffer announcing in Pro Wrestling.
Michael Buffer announcing in Pro Wrestling.
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Buffer earns a giant amount of $25,000- $100,000 as salary and has earned up to $1 million from highlighted events. He has worked as a ring announcer in WCW Thunder, ECE Monday Nitro, Celebrity Deathmatch, WWE Raw and more. 

Buffer has announced a cooking competition between Gordon Ramsay and the Swedish Chef and also was the announcer of a boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI in on August 25, 2018. 

Not only from the announcement, But Buffers also earns a massive amount of $5 million as salary in a per fight. As Buffer has been announcing for over 36 years since 1983, it is pretty obvious how he owns $400 million as his worth. 

Which Buffer brother Earn More?

Michael Buffer with his brother Bruce Buffer.
Michael Buffer who is worth $400 million with his brother Bruce Buffer who is worth $10 million.
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Buffer's brother Bruce Buffer is also a professional announcer who has an estimated net worth of $10 million. As Michael was in the announcement field way more before than Bruce from where he has accumulated his worth which is 10 times bigger than his brother Bruce.

Earning from Acting

Buffer has worked in more than Thirty movies, television series, and short videos which is also another reason for his massive net worth. Buffer is well re-known for his roles in movies like Ready To Rumble (2000), You Don't Mess With The Zohan (2008), and Dumbo (2019). 

Not only from his acting in movies Buffer is also earning and is well-recognized from his roles in television series like in Las Vegas, Encounter, and Mad About You.


Michael Buffer in DAZN cimmercial.
Michael Buffer in DAZN cimmercial.
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Buffer has done a commercial for Toyota, which is an Automobile manufacturer where he has earned up to $25,000 for only uttering "Not bad, Let's do it". Likewise, he has appeared in a progressive insurance commercial in 2013, where he has promoted the different program policies while using his phrase as parody "Let's get ready to bundle". He also has promoted the DANZ TV commercial, Mega Millions which is a lottery game and Kraft Cheese.

Announced in Sports

Other than announcing at the ring, Buffer has also announced many sports events like in MLB World Series, NBA Finals, NFL games, Volunteer 500, 2008 World Series of Poker, and others.

Guest Appearance

Buffer also earns a pretty good amount of money from guest appearances. He has appeared in many popular shows like in Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live (SNL), Dancing with the Stars, seventh season of American Idol, and others.

Highest Grossed Movies

Michael Buffer as Baritone Bates in Dumo.
Michael Buffer as Baritone Bates in Dumo.
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Michael Buffer's highest-grossed movie of all time is Dumbo where he has played the character of Baritone Bates. The movie was made on a budget of $170 million while the movie was able to successfully gather $353,284,621 from its worldwide collections.

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