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Mia Van Dyke - Carey Van Dyke’s Daughter With Anne Coolbaugh

Published Fri Aug 02 2019 By Samana
Mia Van Dyke - Carey Van Dyke’s Daughter With Anne Coolbaugh

Mia Van Dyke is the second daughter of actor Carey Van Dyke and her mother Anne Coolbaugh

The name 'Mia' comes from the Spanish and Italian word 'Mia' which in both of the languages means "Mine". The name is also derived from the name 'Mila', a Slavic name, which means 'Dear', or 'Darling'. 

What is Mia Van Dyke's Parent's Net Worth?

Mia's father, Carey Van Dyke's net worth is $1 million because of his career as an actor and a writer. He has been a cast and has had a hand in writing in a lot of movies. He is very famous for playing six different characters in a television show. 

The series also included Carey's father, Barry Van Dyke, and grandfather, Dick Van Dyke, and also guests that starred in it including his great uncle, Jerry Van Dyke, his brother Shane Van Dyke and his aunt, Stacy Van Dyke.

Mia's handsome father Carey Van Dyke.
Mia's rich father Carey Van Dyke.
Image Source: The Movie D

Parent's Relationship

Mia's parents: Carey Van Dyke and Anne Coolbaugh had fun while their relationship lasted. Anne's marriage with Carey was her second and she was previously married and blessed with two beautiful children. 

Carey and Anne later divorced after they had a baby together. They split due to personal reasons and did not come forward to the media about it and went on and about their separate ways. Their children, however, are close to both of them.

Two Siblings

Mia has two siblings: Alex Van Dyke and Ava Van Dyke. Ava is Corey's biological and the only child. She is the youngest among the three. 

Mia is the eldest child and her younger brother is Alex Van Dyke. The three are very close and have a good and special bond that every sibling has with each other.

Adopted By Carey Van Dyke

Mia was not exactly born to Carey but was born to Anne Coolbaugh and her ex-husband. After marrying Anne, Carey adopted Mia and her little brother Alex. 

The two were very close to Carey which is also the main and important reason why Carey decided to adopt them and share his sweet surname. 

Lives In A Hollywood Oriented Family

By Hollywood-oriented family, we don't mean the Kardashians but, the Van Dykes, who are all very ambitious and well off of normal life. 

Mia's uncles are Shane Van Dyke, Wes Van Dyke, and Taryn Van Dyke, her grandfather is  Barry Van Dyke and her great-grandfather is Dick Van Dyke. Everyone is very famous like his daddy and Hollywood actors.

The handsome and sexy grandfather of Mia Van Dyke.
Mia's handsome and popular grandfather, Barry Van Dyke.
Image Source: Who's Dated Who

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