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Get to Know Meredith Seacrest - Ryan Seacrest's Younger Sister

Published Mon May 11 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Meredith Seacrest - Ryan Seacrest's Younger Sister

Meredith Seacrest is the younger sister of Ryan Seacrest's, who gain popularity as a host on the TV shows 'American Idol' and 'American Top 40'.

She was born to parents Constance Marie Zullinger and Gary Lee Seacrest. She always celebrates her birth on October 25 every year. Her birthplace is Dunwoody, Georgia, United States.

Let's look at some interesting and unknown facts about Meredith:

What's Her Net Worth?

Meredith Seacrest has an estimated net worth of $4 million. She earns her massive fortune by serving as an executive director, producer, and philanthropist. 

According to payscale, the average salary of an executive director is $218,056. She is a producer of The Buried Life (2010) and Lives with Kelly and Ryan (1983). 

Similarly, husband Jimmy Leach's net worth is $3 million, which he makes through his business. He is a senior executive of TOMS, a renowned shoe company.

Luxurious House

The executive director of Ryan Seacrest Foundation is an owner big luxurious house in Nashville, Tennessee. Her house costs $3 million, which include 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, a swimming pool, and other high-quality facilities. In this house, she lives with her husband and daughter.

Luxurious House in Nashville, Tennessee.

Married Life With Jimmy Leach

The sister of Ryan got married to Jimmy Leach on 5th November 2016. Their extravagant wedding took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. At their wedding, Ryan was the 'Man of Honor' and even organized a Bachelorette party for her sister. The couple has been living happily married life and shares a cute daughter together. 

A wedding picture of Meredith Seacrest with husband and family.
Image Source: Facebook

Mother of One Daughter

A producer of The Buried Life, Meredith gave birth to a daughter, Flora Marie Leach on December 10, 2018, in Nashville, Tennessee. Her daughter is now a 1 and five-month baby. All the family member welcomed her warmly and lovingly. Ryan shared the happy news on-air on Tuesday, December 11 which shows his happiness of becoming an uncle.

Ryan Seacrest playing with a niece, Flora Marie Leach.
Image Source: Twitter

Foundation Work

In September 2010, Seacrest's family has established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, where Meredith is working as the executive director and chief operating officer. 

This foundation is taking efforts to inspire the youth through programs that are educational and entertaining. Their aim is to inspire people & dreaming that one day, they will be able to touch hearts and help in the healing process of patients in every hospital in the world.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Alma Maters

Seacrest attended Holly Innocents' Episcopal School in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Later she graduated from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, in 2013. She became a member of the Grady Society Alumni Board.

Active On Social Media

Meredith Seacrest is quite active on social networking platforms. She has gained over 1037 followers on Instagram, 4,271 followers on Twitter, and 595 followers on Facebook. She posts most of the time foundation work on social media account. 

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