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About Meredith Lynn Auld - Tom Brokaw's Wife Who is a Businesswoman and Author

Published Thu Aug 20 2020 By Aashika
About Meredith Lynn Auld -  Tom Brokaw's Wife Who is a Businesswoman and Author

People know Meredith Lynn Auld as the wife of renowned journalist, Tom Brokaw. They have been enjoying conjugal life since 1962. The couple are parents of three children, Jennifer Jean Brokaw, Andrea Brooks Simon, and Sarah Auld Brokaw. 

She was born on the 5th of August, 1940 in South Dakota, United States. She is also a former Miss South Dakota of 1959 as well as a popular author. She attended Cottey College in Nevada from 1958-1959.

Here are some facts about Meredith.

What is Meredith Lynn Auld's Husband's Net Worth?

Former Miss South Dakota's Husband Tom Brokaw has a vast amount of net worth $85 million. 

In her early life, she had worked as a director of the Gannett Company which also helped her to add some amount to her net worth.

Likewise, her spouse Tom Brokaw is a former White House correspondent on NBC, anchors Nightly News and Today, and is also a former anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. He is also an author of several books, a writer of many essays, and has appeared in more than 30 documentaries.

Real Estate

Meredith Lynn Auld is the owner of $4.25 million in Pound Ridge, New York which she and her man purchased in 1999. 

The house has 56.74 acres of the compound and its total area is 4,184 sqft. Additionally, she has a ranch in Montana that is currently on the market for $17.9 million and an apartment on the Upper East Side. 

Her lavish house in Pound Ridge. 
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In 2011, her Park Avenue Apartment was sold. The selling price of the house was $12 million, but it was sold for $10.5 million. Looking at cost, there is $1.75 million less than the demand price and that was their loss.

Was Owner of a Toy Company

Brokaw’s wife owned a Penny Whistle Toys Inc., in New York. The company was a retail toy store chain. She ran the company until 1998. 

Worked For Other Companies

She was a board member of the WNET, a media company, and vice chairwoman of Conservation International in Washington for 16 years. Likewise, she worked as a director at Gannett Company for 18 years. She has years of experience in how to hold a company.

As an Author

On the other hand, Auld is the author of eight books such as Penny Whistle Party Planner, Any Day Is a Holiday, The Penny Whistle Sick-in-bed, Penny Whistle Birthday Party, and many more. In 2006, she launched the book ‘Big Sky Cooking’ as a co-author. 

Meredith's book 'Big Sky Cooking'.
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Married Life with Tom Brokaw

Meredith met Brokaw for the first time while she shelved her collection of storybook dolls at Yankton High in South Dakota. They fell in love at first sight and started being a friend. 

The pair began dating and decided to exchange their vows. Then, they became life partners on 17th August 1962. The couple has already spent 61 years married with full of love. 

A wedding picture of Meredith Lynn Auld and Tom Brokaw.
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Mother of Three Children 

Auld has three beautiful daughters. Her first child is Jennifer Jean Brokaw who is a medical doctor. She received a medical degree from Dartmouth College and graduated from Stanford University. She was already married to Dr. M. Allen Fry in 1993. 

Similarly, she has two more daughters Andrea Brooks Simon. She is known as a vice president of marketing in Warner Brothers' records in New York. Andrea tied her knot with Charles Andrew Simon, a deputy director of criminal justice. 

The youngest child Sarah Auld Brokaw is following in her parents’ footsteps. She is the author of ‘Fortytude’. And also is a licensed therapist. Sarah has her own blog site. She has not married yet but has one son named Archer.

Auld's family picture with Tom Brokaw and three daughters.
Image Source: Yahoo

She is a Supportive Wife

Meredith Lynn has to face many obstacles in her life. When her husband Tom was suffering from cancer, she was the one who gave him full time to make him alive. In August 2013, Tom Brokaw was diagnosed with multiple myelomas. He is now healthy and living a happy life. 

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