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Facts About Melissa Schuman That You Don’t Know

Published Mon Jul 15 2019 By DGM
Facts About Melissa Schuman That You Don’t Know

Melissa Schuman is an American singer who is best known for her role in the band 'Dream'. The band was an all-girl teen band which was active in 1998-2003 and 2015-2016. 

Melissa's solo album 'Stereotyped' which was unreleased officially, released only on iTunes on November 2015. Otherwise, the artist is recognized as one of the four girls from the pop band 'Dream'.

Here are 10 facts about Melissa Schuman:

Net Worth

The net worth of Melissa Schuman is estimated around $900,000 which she has amassed from her career as a singer and an actress. 

Schuman's husband, Brandon Henschel holds a fortune of $100,000. So, the couple together combine an impressive net worth of $1 million which is very admirable.

Living a Lavish Life 

As the former star of the 'Dream' band holds a net worth of nearly a million, she surely lives one heck of a luxurious life. Wearing expensive and branded clothes and accessories isn't much of a big deal for her. She affords her son with finest clothes and stuffs that money can afford. We envy of her lavish lifestyle.

Married to Brandon Henschel 

The beautiful singer and songwriter has been married to an American actor and dancer, Brandon Henschel since 2006. The marital relationship of over a decade of these two stars has resulted in a son as the wonderful symbol of their love.

A picture of Melissa Schuman and his husband, Brandon Henschel.
Melissa Schuman and his husband, Brandon Henschel.

Mother of One 

As we mentioned earlier, Schuman is the mamma of a child. She has a son probably who is  11 or 12 years old with her husband, Brandon. The two are the proud parents of their child and share a very lovely bonding together. The majority of the old Instagram pictures of Melissa are covered by her son.

Yoga Obsessed 

If you don't follow the eminent star on Instagram and Twitter, you surely do not know that she is a yoga-obsessed person. Yes, she loves yoga very much and believes that regular yoga provides peace and healthy body. She uploads picture of her doing different types of Yoga and making her body fit and sexy.

Advocate of MeToo Movement

Melissa is an active and proud advocate of the Me Too movement. It is a movement against sexual assault and sexual harassment. 

The movement started from social media platforms to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment and assault that takes place throughout differences places in the world; especially workplace where the senior or higher positioned harass their female workers. 

Hence, Schuman has been an active advocate for the movement and supporting it with all her heart and confidence.

A picture of beautiful Melissa Schuman.
Gorgeous Melissa Schuman.

Singing Career 

Melissa started off her journey as a singer in a pop band of four teen girls 'Dream'. The band was active in the years between 1998-2003 and 2015-2016. 

During the years, the girls gave many songs among which "This Is Me" and "He Loves U Not" were platinum hits and earned a huge deal of success and money for each of the girls. 

A picture of All four members of the 'Dream' band.
All four members of the 'Dream' band of Melissa Schumer.

Acting Career 

Alongside her singing profession, the 34 years old (as of July 2019) is also an actor. She started her acting career from the 1997 comedy film 'Tiger' and continued her journey in films like 'Recipe For Disaster' and 'Anna's Dream'. Silent Scream which was an independent horror movie of 2005 gave her the role of 'Nicole' which she portrayed excellently and made a good name for herself in the field of acting.

Social Accounts 

The bold actress is present on social platforms and has accounts on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, she has a total of 8,369 followers with over 100 posts and uploads pictures very often. And talking about her Twitter account, she has 6,525 followers with 5,000+ tweets. Melissa is seen more active on Twitter than on Instagram.

YouTube Channel 

Melissa Schuman also has a YouTube channel by the name Melissa Schuman where she has 740 subscribers. She has uploaded 34 videos and has gained a total of 81,302 views on her channel. The channel type is music and was created by her on the 25th of January, 2012.

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