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Melanie Martinez's $2 Million Net Worth - Lives in a Doll House | How Did She Make It?

Published Mon Sep 07 2020 By Samana
Melanie Martinez's $2 Million Net Worth - Lives in a Doll House | How Did She Make It?

Melanie Martinez is an American singer, songwriter, actress, director, photographer, and screenwriter whose net worth is $2 million. If you do not know of her, you probably know many fancam on TikTok made of her song called "Playdate". 

Known for her special doll-like fantasy effects on her songs and music video, Martinez apparently invests a lot in her work. 

Her Lable Financed Her Movie

In her directorial debut, Melanie had to make everything was perfect. A lot of financial support is needed to make an entire full-length movie. Her label, which is, the Atlantis Lable, invested $5 million to $6 million on it. 

The movie is named "K-12" and it is a fantasy tale but more relatable with the modern world. The movie addresses various issues among teenagers since the movie's plot takes place around high school. K-12 definitely added cash on her bank account.

Expensive Clothing

The pretty clothes Martinez flaunts in her music videos and in awards ceremonies are really important. Even though it may look like a child's clothing you get everywhere, Martinez is very cautious and an enthusiast about branded clothing. 

In her music video of Mad Hatter, she wore a  Jacquemus Off-Shoulder Puff Sleeve Blouse, an Alexa Chung Patent Apron Dress, earrings which were similar to Juicy Couture and Gucci Patent Leather Mary Jane Pumps. With her earnings, it is no shock that she can afford all these luxury brands and flaunt it beautifully as well. 

Earnings From The Music Industry 

As seen on TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify, Melanie has a wide range of viewers. She peaked and was at the top 100 in most of her songs on all these platforms. She has millions of listeners and if you're thinking how much she actually earned from her music, brace yourselves. From youtube, she is estimated to earn about $50k per month and a similar amount from Spotify. 

Melanie starring in one of her music videos.
Melanie starring in one of her music videos.
Image Source: Pinterest

Lives In A Dollhouse

As if Melanie's clothes don't scream 'Melanie Martinez', she made her house scream her name too. She practically lives in a dollhouse and her room is the main attraction. 

Melanie likes to collect expensive dolls from the '50s and '60s and apparently doesn't get scared even after watching all those horror movies which include horror dolls. She can afford to decorate her house similar to a dollhouse obviously through her hard-earned money and we hope she enjoys every bit of her expensive lifestyle.

Melanie with her dolls.
Melanie with her dolls.
Image Source: Popbuzz


Martinez does not only enjoys her riches but also makes sure that she is giving back to her community. She donates to a charity named Women's Refuge New Zealand which is dedicated to women and children. For the charity, when she was in New Zealand, she designed a soft toy named Mr. Soft Serve. 

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