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Get to Know Melanie Hinton - Joe Scarborough's Former Wife Who is a Journalist

Published Thu Nov 12 2020 By pratikshya
Get to Know Melanie Hinton - Joe Scarborough's Former Wife Who is a Journalist

Melanie Hinton is a well-known American journalist who has given her 20 years of life as a media person and public affairs. Apart from it, she is also renowned as the first wife of the popular talk show host, Joe Scarborough. 

Hinton Born to the parents, Dr. Andrew Hinton and his wife in 1965. She attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and political science.

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What's Her Net Worth?

Hinton has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has accumulated a huge amount of money from her career as a journalist. She began a career as a staff writer for Associated Builders. 

Her main source of income is from her successful career as Managing director of communications and media relations. Being the MD of an Airline where the average salary is around $150,000.

Likewise, her ex-husband, Joe Scarbrough holds an estimated net worth of $18 million. 

Ex-Husband - Joe Scarborough

Journalist Hinton and Joe Scarborough met in a high school for the first time, they joined the same college and eventually started dating. After completing graduation they exchanged wedding vows in 1986. After spending 13 years of marriage the couple filed for a divorce in 1999. 

Former Husband Joe Scarborough. 
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Mother of Two Son

She is a proud mother of two handsome sons from Scarborough. The first son, Joey Scarborough was born in 1989 and the second son, Andrew Scarborough in 1991. Both of her sons are well settled in their life. Joey got married to former New  York Daily News reporter, Catherine Grenfell on 25 June 2016.

Likewise, Andrew got married to Briana Keller on 3 June 2016. His wife is CNN's senior political correspondent. 

Two sons Joey Scarborough and Andrew Scarborough.
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Multiple Career

Melanie Hinton is a multi-talented personality who has worked in several sectors. She has two years of working experience in public affairs and journalism. Before it, Joe's former wife was Managing Director under Airlines for America of Public Relationship and Communication of the Airline Industry. 

Then work as a head of several campaign events for 6 years at the British Embassy of Washington D.C as public affairs manager. Currently, she is working at ABA in the capacity of Communication and Media relations director.

Former Husband's Marriages After Divorce

As soon after split from Scarborough, Hinton chooses to remain single whereas the television co-host got married after four years of their separation. He got married to Susan Waren, who is an American philanthropist known for her charitable work under Sherwood Foundation.

The couple tied the knot in 2001 and share two adorable children: daughter Katherine Clark Scarborough on August 8, 2003, and son Jack Scarborough in 2008. Sadly, they got divorced after 12 years of married life in the year 2013. 

Joe Scarborough's second wife Susan Waren. 
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Now, Joe Scarborough is the husband of co-host of 'Morning Joe', Mika Brzezinski. They got engaged in May in Antibes, France at the Hotel du Cap. In November 2018, the two shared the wedding vows in front of the Constitution, Officiated by Rep. Elijah Cummings in Georgetown at 5:40 PM. The couple is living a happy married life.

Third wife Mika Brzezinski. 
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Youngest Son's Health Issue

Hinton's second son, Andrew Scarborough was born with a disease called Asperger Syndrome which is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and non-verbal communication. 

In 2016, Andrew suffered a serious head injury after falling down flight stairs and hospitalized for a long time.

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