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What You Must Know About Megan DeLuca? Facts and Photos of a Insta Model

Published Tue Dec 14 2021 By aayush
What You Must Know About Megan DeLuca? Facts and Photos of a Insta Model

Megan DeLuca is a 22 years old American Instagram model. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 25th February 1998. She has now become one of the most searched models on the web.

She has got a mass of fans with massive 1.1 million followers on her official Instagram profile (@megmdxoxo_) and her modeling page (@megdmodeling) with 157K Instagram followers.

The things that the fans like the most about her are the model's beautiful, rare red hair and her light ocean blue eyes which are irresistible. Going along with the perfect beautiful body that the model has. What else would anyone need more than that?

A black and white picture of Deluca in a beautiful black one-piece dress standing in front of a tree
Megan DeLuca in a beautiful dress. source: Instagram@megmdxoxo_

How did the red hair begin her modeling career?

But what we do know is how she enrolled in the career that she has now. After finishing her high school studies Megan decided to go for modeling as she was passionate about it since her childhood days. 

She went to a competition, "I Love Redheads, "and was able to win it. The white red-haired model then started posting pleasing photos of herself on Instagram which has now become her source of livelihood.

Names and whereabouts of DeLuca's parents?

There is not much about the model's family. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about her parents neither her mother nor her beloved father. 

Megan DeLuca's family

Although we don't know about the model's parents luckily we know that she has got a brother, Bob DeLuca

She has posted an image on Instagram with the caption "Fam appreciation post " but her relations with the people in the picture are not confirmed except for her brother, Bob DeLuca who is standing at the model's right hand wearing an orange cap, and her cousin Monique who is a singer and a song-writer with glasses on at the model's left-hand side in the picture below.

Meghan DeLuca with her family including her brother Bob DeLuca. source: Instagram:@megmdxoxo_

Is the beautiful model married?

The American red-haired model Megan DeLuca is still unmarried and single. The beautiful model does not open up about her personal life but it is confirmed that she is single and happy focusing on her career.

Net Worth

The 5'3" inches (160.02 cm) tall "I love redheads" winner Megan DeLuca has managed to earn loads of dollars. Thanks to her beautiful face and enduring body due to which she gets proposals from many brands for modeling. The model's net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Megan DeLuca sitting beside a lamp in orange light while wearing a yellow crop top
Megan Deluca sitting beside a lamp. source: Instagram@megmdxoxo_


The model does not have any plastic surgeries on her body but does have barely three tattoos on her body. The model likes to hit the gym all the time to maintain her body in shape and follows a strict daily diet plan.

Megan posing for a mirror selfie wearing black Nike spots bra and black leggings
Megan DeLuca posing for a mirror selfie showing her sizzling body. Source: Instagam@megmdxoxo_

DeLuca being private about her personal information, has not been in any controversy. She is beautiful not only on the outside but also has a good personality. 

Megan is socially active on Instagram most of the time and she does almost daily live streams of warzone and other games on her twitch. She has an OnlyFans account as well as gets donations from Patreon.

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