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Meet Tony Goldwyn’s Daughter Anna Musky-Goldwyn With Wife Jane Musky – Pictures and Facts

Published Fri Jun 07 2019 By DGM
Meet Tony Goldwyn’s Daughter Anna Musky-Goldwyn With Wife Jane Musky – Pictures and Facts

Anna Musky-Goldwyn is the elder daughter of the American actor, Tony Goldwyn with his wife, a production manager, Jane Musky. She was born on 1990 and has a younger sister, Tess Frances Goldwyn from her parents.

The name 'Anna' means "grace" according to Hebrew origin and is a girl's name. We think that Tony and Jane kept their first daughter's name Anna because she is the grace gifted to them by god. And that is quite considerable as well, isn't it?

Anna's Parents Are  Rich

Anna's father, Tony Goldwyn is an American actor, director, and a political activist who has a whopping net worth of $6 million. He amasses such a great fortune from his profession as an actor and director. Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives is the first movie from where Tony started his acting career by playing the small role of the character 'Darren'.

Jane's husband also acted in multiple guest starring roles on TV shows such as Murphy Brown, Hunter and St.Elsewhere. Tony eventually got his popular name as Carl Bruner from the 1990 movie "Ghost". Keeping the acting profession aside, the father of two is also a director and has directed many hit films such as Grey's Anatomy, Dexter and  A Walk on the Moon. At current, he is appearing in the show Scandal playing the character of President Fitzgerald Grant. The 59 years old actor goes back and forth between television shows and movie, both as an actor and director.

A picture of Tony Goldwyn with his wife, Jane Musky.
Tony Goldwyn and his wife, Jane Musky. 
Image Source: Tumblr

Anna's mother, Jane Musky is a legendary production manager and art designer who has a net an estimated net worth of $4 million. It is of no surprise that she generates such a great fortune from her profession as an art designer and production manager. She worked as a production designer in the 1989 movie "When Harry Met Sally" which was one of the biggest hits of the year.

The following year in 1990, she gave another blockbuster movie "Ghost" which starred her husband, Tony as Carl Bruner. Another big blockbuster that she gave was the movie Hitch in 2005 which gave her a career a good lift. Mrs. Goldwyn was one of the most popular art and production designer at her time. She even got nominated for Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Direction and Best Set Decoration Award. Hence, we believe that she has earned a successful life and an impressive amount of money.

Younger Sister of Anna - Tess Frances Goldwyn

Anna is not an only child of Tony and Jane, she has a younger sister, Tess Frances Goldwyn, from her parents. Tess was born on 6th of March, 1995 and is daddy's girl which means that she is the soul of the Goldywn family. Like her elder sister, Frances is also an active activist and very proudly supported by her family. The sisters have a great bonding with each other.

A picture of Tony Goldwyn with his younger daughter, Tess Frances Goldwyn.
Tony Goldwyn with his younger daughter, Tess Frances Goldwyn. Image Source: Instagram@tonygoldwyn

Social Media of Anna Musky-Goldwyn

The 29 years old (as of June 2019) activist is also active on social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has a total of 699 followers on Instagram with 800+ posts and a total of 2,496 followers on Twitter with 2000+ tweets.

By going through her Twitter profile, we can say that she has not been active since December, Last Year. And as per her Insta profile, we could not check her posts as she did not accept our follow request. Oops!! We assume that she might be very well active on that.

What does Anna Musky-Goldwyn doing now?

The gorgeous daughter of Tony and Jane is a social activist as well as an athlete. She raises funds for ACLU of Texas by participating in Triathlon and other competitions. ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is a non-profit organization that helps to support and protect immigrant families who have been separated at the border. 

Beside being an activist, Jane's daughter is also a Scenographer and Screenwriter. Anna is well-known for her work in the popular TV series of 2016-2018 Supergirl. She has also worked in other hit movies such as The Labyrinth (2017) and Greener. So far, Anna is doing a great job and we wish for her betterment in the future.

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