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Meet Sue Bownds: The Rebel Wilson's Mom Who Stole the Spotlight

Published Mon Jan 08 2024 By Shraddha
Meet Sue Bownds: The Rebel Wilson's Mom Who Stole the Spotlight

Sue E. Bownds is recognized as the mother of the renowned Australian actress Rebel Wilson. She was married to Jack Bownds and she raised four children with him. Following her husband's passing in mid-2010, details about her personal life or current location remain scarce.

Besides her role as a mother, there are references to a person sharing her name involved in dog judging in Australia. However, the bulk of available information revolves around her family life and her well-known daughter, Rebel Wilson.

Sue E. Bownds Wiki /Bio 

Specific information about Sue Bownds' date and place of birth, as well as her upbringing, remains undisclosed in public records. Nevertheless, Sue hails from a family deeply involved in the world of dogs.

Sue E. Bownds, Mother of the Renowned Australian Actress Rebel Wilson.
Source: Facebook

As evidenced by her great-grandparents, and renowned dog judges who moved from England to New Zealand. Growing up in this environment undoubtedly influenced Sue's passion for dogs and likely shaped her career path in dog handling.

Sue E. Bownds Net Worth 

There exists conflicting information about Sue Bownds' net worth, contributing to a range of estimates. While certain sources suggest that her net worth remains undisclosed, pointing to an average annual income of approximately $28,000 for dog handlers. 

This higher estimation attributes her wealth to a successful tech startup, strategic investments, and her position as a respected figure in the industry. Additionally, her daughter Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress and comedian, boasts a net worth of $22 million. Before transitioning her distinctive comedic style to the United States, Rebel Wilson had already solidified her status as a beloved and successful comedian and actress in Australia.

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Sue E. Bownds Career Highlights 

Sue Bownds, a seasoned professional in dog handling, co-managed a dog-handling business alongside her late husband, Jack Bownds. The couple was notably involved in professional beagle breeding in Australia. With extensive experience and expertise in the field, Sue Bownds holds a license as a dog handler. 

Sue Bownds Enjoying Her Time at the Beach.
Source: Tuko 

She has garnered widespread recognition and numerous accolades for her exceptional proficiency in overseeing dog shows. Moreover, Sue Bownds has made a mark beyond dog handling, venturing into a successful tech startup, making strategic investments, and establishing herself as a respected leader in the industry. 

Sue E. Bownds Marriage  

Sue, a widow and mother of four children, entered matrimony with Jack Bownds in 1976 and remained together until his passing in mid-2010. Tragically, he passed away while her daughter was filming Super Fun Night.

Sue and Jack were blessed with four children: three daughters named Liberty, Rebel, and Annachi, and a son named Ryot. While Rebel gained significant fame, none of their other children achieved the same level of public recognition. Maintaining a private lifestyle, these siblings have largely kept details about their lives out of the public eye, resulting in limited information available about them.

Sue faced a heartbreaking tragedy when her cherished spouse, Jack Bownds, passed away in 2010 due to a heart attack. Despite this profound loss, she persevered as a devoted and loving mother to all her children, including Rebel.

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Sue E. Bownds Current Relationship 

Currently, Sue is romantically involved with Peter Lock, and both often share their shared moments on their individual social media profiles. Peter Lock holds the position of Senior Sales Consultant at the construction firm All Castle Homes and additionally manages the Wine Mosaic Lounge. 

Sue Bownds and her boyfriend Peter. 
Source: Facebook 

According to details on his Facebook profile, Peter was born on October 22 in Sydney and attended Chevalier College. He also has a son named Peter Mitchell Lock from a prior marriage.

Is Rebel Wilson is Daughter of Sue Bownds?

Sue's daughter, Rebel Wilson, was born on March 2, 1980. She is a multifaceted talent known for her prowess as a comedian, writer, producer, and actress. Rebel gained significant recognition for her roles in acclaimed films such as Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, The Hustle, and others.

Sue Bownds with Her Daughter, Rebel Wilson.
Source: hTown

Throughout her career, Rebel Wilson has earned a multitude of prestigious awards, including Tropfest, Critics' Choice, and MTV Movie Awards, among others. Her versatility extends beyond film, as she has made appearances in popular television shows and theater productions. Before venturing to Hollywood, Wilson actively participated in the Australian Theatre for Young People program and established herself as a regular presence on Australian television series.

Rebel Wilson's Career 

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, is an Australian actress, comedian, writer, singer, and producer. She began her career in Australia, featuring in series like "Pizza" and "The Wedge" before transitioning to Hollywood. Wilson gained recognition for her roles in movies like "Bridesmaids," "Pitch Perfect," "Isn't It Romantic," "The Hustle," and "Cats." Her acclaimed portrayal of Fat Amy in the "Pitch Perfect" series earned her several award nominations and wins.

Wilson graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People and furthered her acting training in New York with The Second City. She gained attention with stage productions she wrote, produced, and starred in, such as "The Westie Monologues" and "Confessions of an Exchange Student."

Rebel Wilson, Daughter of Sue E. Bownds.
Source: IMDb

Throughout her career, Wilson demonstrated versatility, appearing in films, television shows, and theatrical productions. She also ventured into producing, voice acting, and hosting, including the dog styling competition "Pooch Perfect."

Wilson's personal life includes her advocacy for body positivity, her real estate investments, and her public support for stricter gun laws. In addition, she faced legal battles concerning defamation that arose from publications challenging her personal history and background. Wilson's memoir, "Rebel Rising," is set to release in April 2024.

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