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Meet Mary Hart’s Daughter Alec Jay Sugarman Wit Husband Burt Sugarman – Pictures and Facts

Published Thu Jun 06 2019 By Samana
Meet Mary Hart’s Daughter Alec Jay Sugarman Wit Husband Burt Sugarman – Pictures and Facts

Celebrity Baby Alec Jay Sugarman was born on 29th December, 1991, to the American television personality Mary Hart and her American television producer husband Burt Sugarman.

The name "Alec" is of a Greek origin. The Greek meaning of the name "Alec" is Defender of men; protector of mankind.

Parent's Previous Affairs

Mary Hart has one ex-husband before and was married to him for 6 years before divorcing him in 1979. Burt Sugarman however, was married two times before finding his soulmate. Sugarman married his first wife and got divorced after 4 years and and married and divorced his second wife after 5 years.

The gorgeous Mary Hart
The gorgeous Mary Hart
Image Source: AP News

Burt was also engaged to the famous actress, Ann- Margret but the couple called it quits before they took their vows in front of friends and family.

The handsome Burt Sugarman
The handsome Burt Sugarman
Image Source: Celeb News

Alec's Famous Parent's Net Worth

Mary Johanna Harum also known as Mary Hart's net worth is $10 million due to her successful carrer as a Television presenter. Mary owns two big mansions located in Montana, USA and a home in Palm Desert, California. Mary is also the winner of the beauty pagent "Miss South Dakota 1970".

Alec's Parents
Alec's handsome father and beautiful mother.
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Burton Roy Sugarman also known as Burt Sugarman's net worth is $25 million thanks to his also successful career as a movie and television show producer who has produced many successful movies and binge watchable shows.

The married couple together has purchased an Asian interior designed condo in West Hollywood for$8 million. The small family lives together in a huge and lavish mansion worth $6 million in Los Angeles. 

Unlike famous Parents Alec Jay Sugarman not Interested to be on Public Eye

For someone with the very famous mother and father, Alec Jay Sugarman, till the known date, is very low key and likes to keep his life very private and away from the public. Alec is not active on any of the  popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so very little facts about him is known. 

Alec skipped down on the entertaining field and did not join his parents but was bold enough to take a great step towards the political field.

Alec Jay Sugarman's Job

A Stanford graduate in political science, Alec, according to dodoodad, worked for Brad Wenstrup as an Legislative Assistant earning almost $50k pay. 

Alec has also worked as a Military Legislative Assistant at the U.S House of Representatives, as a Research Analyst at Marco Rubio for President, Junior Fellow at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Alec Jay Sugarman
Alec Jay Sugarman all in his glory.
Image Source: Celebrity-Divorce

Currently, Alec Jay is working for the Office of Management and Budget as a Legislative Analyst. He has also interned at 'RAND Corporation', 'United States Department of Defense' and 'House Committee on Armed Services'.

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