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Meet Karine Schnapp: The Woman Behind Noah Schnapp's Success

Published Mon Feb 26 2024 By Nancy
Meet Karine Schnapp: The Woman Behind Noah Schnapp's Success

Karine Schnapp, a marketing executive, gained recognition as the mother of American actor Noah Schnapp. Noah is known for his role as Will Byers in the Netflix series "Stranger Things."

Noah has achieved significant acclaim, winning several awards, including the Screen Actors Guild Award (2017), MTV Movie & TV Award (2018), Teen Choice Award (2019), and People‚Äôs Choice Award (2022). 

Who is Karine Schnapp? 

Karine Schnapp is an American celebrity mother known for her son, actor Noah Schnapp, famous for his role in the popular series "Stranger Things," based on the novel of the same name. She has recently been praised for her son's exceptional performance in the series. 

Karine Schnapp is best recognized for being the mom of Noah Schnapp.
Karine Schnapp is best recognized for being the mom of Noah Schnapp.
Photo Source: Instagram

Noah stars in the series alongside well-known actors like Millie Bobby Brown. Additionally, she has served as a committee member for an organization that supports children with cancer.

Karine Schnapp Early Life

Karine Schnapp was born in 1971 in the United States. She is an American citizen, but her family originally hails from Canada. She is of white ethnicity and holds American nationality. 

Not much is known about her childhood or early life as Schnapp has always stayed out of the spotlight. She is of Moroccan Jewish ethnicity, while her husband is of Russian Jewish descent. 

Despite her low profile, Karine has consistently provided love and support to her son, Noah Schnapp. She has been a constant presence in his life, especially during childhood, supporting his career aspirations. 

Schnapp graduated from a local college in her hometown and completed her high school education there. She played a pivotal role in helping Noah pursue his acting dreams, assisting him in getting into acting school, and encouraging him during interviews and auditions for significant roles.

What is Karine Schnapp Net Worth?

Through her successful career, Karine Schnapp has accumulated significant wealth. According to various online sources, her estimated net worth as of 2024 is $700,000.

Karine Schnapp is with her family.
Karine Schnapp is with her family.
Photo Source: Instagram

Similarly, Karine's son Noah Schnapp has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and has earned a respectable income. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his net worth to be around $3 million

Noah earns approximately $250,000 per episode for his work. His long-standing career as an American actor is his primary source of income, supplemented by earnings from television series appearances.

Karine Schnapp Career Highlights

Karine Schnapp's journey began as a typical mom with a regular job until her son's rise to fame. She reportedly had a career in corporate business and served as the vice president of the prominent cosmetic company "Hugo Boss." 

Presently, Schnapp has been carving out a successful path as a celebrity mom, actively enhancing her presence on social media platforms.

Karine Schnapp's Son is an American Actor

Noah Schnapp made his acting debut in the Academy Award-winning film "Bridge of Spies" in 2015, directed by Steven Spielberg. He portrayed Roger, the son of the character James B. Donovan

Around the same time, Schnapp voiced the lead character, Charlie Brown, in the animated movie "The Peanuts Movie." He also provided the voice for the video game adaptation, "The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure." 

Noah's breakthrough role came in July 2016 when he started starring as Will Byers in the Netflix series "Stranger Things," a science fiction horror show. He was promoted to series regular for the second season, which premiered on October 27, 2017. 

Schnapp has also appeared in independent films such as "Abe" (2019), "Waiting for Anya" (2020), and the 2020 Halloween comedy "Hubie Halloween." In April 2022, he joined the cast of "The Tutor." 

In 2019, Noah launched a YouTube channel under his name, where he primarily created vlogs and lifestyle videos. In November 2021, he co-founded To Be Honest (TBH), a sustainability-focused snacking company, with Elena Guberman and Ba Minuzzi. 

In November 2022, Schnapp announced a crowdfunding campaign for TBH on the Republic platform, aiming to raise a maximum of $1.235 million at a $15 million valuation cap. Additionally, in 2023, he launched TenderFix, a delivery-only virtual restaurant brand operated by IHOP, featuring a menu focused on chicken tenders.

Who is Karine Schnapp's Husband?

Karine Schnapp is happily married to Mitchell Schnapp, her long-time partner. Mitchell works as a social media influencer. 

Karine Schnapp is with her husband Mitchell Schnapp.
Karine Schnapp is with her husband Mitchell Schnapp.
Photo Source: Instagram

The couple initially developed a close friendship before starting a romantic relationship. They have two children together, including their well-known son, Noah Schnapp. 

The Schnapps have a daughter named Chloe Schnapp, in addition to Noah. Their children are involved in the entertainment industry, with Noah making his acting debut in 2016.

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