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Get to Know Ian Keasler - Bruce Lee's Son-in-Law and Shannon Lee's Husband

Published Wed Apr 28 2021 By riya
Get to Know Ian Keasler - Bruce Lee's Son-in-Law and Shannon Lee's Husband

Ian Keasler is a famous American husband. Mr. Keasler is the husband of Shannon Lee, a well-known actress, producer, and martial artist. He is also an artist, having worked as a designer and a dealer. 

Shannon's husband is a well-known art designer in his field. Aside from that, Ian is best known as Shannon Lee's celebrity husband.  

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Ian's full name is Anthony Ian Keasler, by the way. Keasler is a United States honorary citizen. 

Shannon is an actress, martial artist, and entrepreneur from the United States. Shannon is also Bruce Lee's and Linda Lee Cadwell's only child. Shannon also has a younger brother named Brandon Lee.

Relationship Status

Taling about Ian's relationship, it's clear that he is a married man, and he got to live his life forever with great American singer, producer, and actress, Shannon Lee. 

Ian's wife and daughter, Shannon and Wren
Ian's wife and daughter, Shannon and Wren

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The first meet of the duo is supposed to be in 1988 August. Aside from the love birds tied the knot of life with such a glam actress in 1999 after dating for several years. 

To date, there are no rumors about the pair getting involved in any extramarital affairs. It has been 21 years of their successful marriage, and the essence of love between them is still so pure and exciting.

Ian as a Father

In the year 2003, Ian and Shannon welcomed Wren Lee Keasler into their family. Wren will be eighteen years old in December 2020.

Apart from just being a perfect husband, Shannon's husband is also a perfect father to his daughter. The Keasler family is so blessed to have a princess in their family.

Ian Keasler's only daughter, Wren Lee
Ian Keasler's only daughter, Wren Lee

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Also, Wren might follow her mother's or father's footsteps on becoming a good person in her future. She has already caught the media's eye either way.  

What's his net worth?

Well, as an art designer Ian Keasler, Enter the Eagle's Mandy's husband has an estimated gross net worth of around $2-4 million, but the exact sum is still undercover.

Besides, Shannon possesses a total net worth of over $10 million, making a profitable amount of around $15-16 million together with her love life.

Shannon Lee is Bruce Lee's daughter

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Although the data about the pair having a house or any other riches aren't disclosed, it is sure that such a happening couple can make their life better by buying themselves a shelter to live in.