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Meet Billy Beane’s Daughter Casey Beane With Wife Tara Beane - Photos and Facts

Published Sat May 25 2019 By DGM
Meet Billy Beane’s Daughter Casey Beane With Wife Tara Beane - Photos and Facts

Casey Beane is the daughter of the former American baseball player Billy Beane with his first wife Cathy Sturdivant. Billy with his second wife Tara Beane have two kids that are twins; Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane.  

Casey has a meaning in her name which is derived from the Irish Gaelic cathasaigh. The word means vigilant or watchful, so maybe Billy Beane wanted his daughter to be vigilant and watch out for her future goals and career very carefully.

Billy Beane's Daughter is in the movie "Moneyball"

An American author Michael Lewis published a book on baseball economics back in 2003. Billy was the protagonist/subject of the author as his team had very huge success despite of their low payroll. 

Later on, the book's content was made into a movie in 2011 with the Hollywood actor Brad Pitt casting as the leading role as Billy. The movie also featured actress Kerris Dorsey playing the character of Casey Beane, Billy's daughter. 

Casey Beane with her father Billy Beane and mother Tara Beane. Image Source: Athletics Farm

Brad Pitt got nominated for the 2012 Academy for his fabulous performance as Billy Beane. The movie 'Moneyball' was also nominated on six categories. After the award show, Billy Beane, his wife Tara and his daughter Casey hung out with Angelina Jolie and Brad. 

Cathy Sturdivant is Casey's biological mother

Casey's biological mother is Cathy Sturdivant who was Billy's childhood friend since his early days in San Diego.

Despite being a step mother, Tara and Casey have a very great bonding with each other. They both love each other a lot and though they do not share biological relationship, they share mutual relationship and a lovely mother-daughter bonding.

Casey's Siblings

Casey Beane has two siblings from her father, the Executive Vice President of the Oakland Athletics and mother Tara Beane. Her siblings are twins; Brayden and Tinsley Beane. Though her siblings are from her step-mother, she does not discriminate them and has a very great bonding with them also. Brayden's sister loves him and his twin sister a lot.

A picture of Casey's siblings with their dad.
Casey's siblings with their dad. Image Source: Getty Images

Tinsley's Sister lives A Luxurious Life

Casey's father, Billy Beane is a minority owner of Barnsley FC of EFL League One and the Executive Vice President of the Oakland Athletics. He has a thrilling net worth of $14 million and has an annual salary of $1 million. Being the daughter of such a rich and famous personality, Casey surely is a lively a heck of a lavish life.

Tara Beane's daughter is living a happy life with her family in Orlando where life is pretty expensive for sure. Casey completed her graduation from Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio.

 As for now, she works as an associate at a finance and accounting department at Citadel LLC Chicago, Illinois. An average associate financial associate at Chicago earns $41,471 per year. So, Casey is also considerably earning the same amount of fortune.

Casey Stays Out of Limelight

Mr. Moneyball's daughter, Casey is not on social platforms that much. She's not on trending sites like Instagram and Twitter. She has an account on Facebook as "Casey Beane" which also seems seldom active. However, she has got some photos posted over there. Maybe, she likes to stay out of the limelight and the glare of her dad's fame. 

A picture of Billy Beane's daughter Casey Beane smiling.
Cute Casey Beane smiling. 
Image Source: YouTube

Casey who is 28 now ( as of May 2019), is rarely spotted outside with her father, the former American Baseball player, Billy Beane. We assume that she wants to focus on living a normal life.

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