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Meet Arlene Vrhel: The Woman Who Shares Joe Mantegna's Life and Love

Published Thu Feb 29 2024 By Nancy
Meet Arlene Vrhel: The Woman Who Shares Joe Mantegna's Life and Love

Arlene Vrhel, the spouse of renowned American celebrity Joe Mantegna, has garnered attention since her association with the star of "The Godfather III." Additionally, Vrhel has made appearances on the TV series "Extra Virgin." 

How Wealthy is Arlene Vrhel?

Arlene Vrhel’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, largely influenced by her husband Joe Mantegna's substantial wealth, affording her a life of luxury and comfort. Vrhel previously owned and operated Taste Chicago, a restaurant in Burbank, which they shuttered in 2019. 

Arlene Vrhel is with her husband and daughter.
Arlene Vrhel is with her husband and daughter.
Photo Source: Instagram

Additionally, Vrhel showcased her culinary skills at their Chicago-based eatery established in 2003, serving up local favorites and iconic Chicago fare like Italian beef sandwiches and deep-dish pizza. 

Furthermore, aside from her culinary ventures, Arlene, once an actress, graced the TV screens with an appearance on the show "Extra Virgin." Meanwhile, her husband, Joe, commands an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Arlene Vrhel is Married to Joe Mantegna

Arlene Vrhel and Joe Mantegna have been happily married for nearly five decades. Their enduring relationship is a rare gem in the world of showbiz, with no rumors of divorce or public disputes. 

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The couple officially tied the knot on December 3, 1975, surrounded by close family and friends. However, they had already exchanged vows atop the Eiffel Tower a few weeks prior, showcasing their romantic bond. 

Throughout their nearly fifty years together, Vrhel has been a steadfast supporter of her husband. Her loyalty is unwavering, and she remains devoted solely to him, with no romantic entanglements with anyone else.

Arlene Vrhel And Her Husband First Met at School

Arlene Vrhel and her husband, Joe Mantegna, crossed paths for the first time at J. Sterling Morton High School, as previously mentioned. Vrhel was a student there, and fate had it that Joe was also enrolled at the same institution, leading to their initial encounter. 

Despite attending the same school, Vrhel and Mantegna didn't pursue a romantic relationship during their time there. It wasn't until 1969 that they began dating, marking the start of their journey together.

Who is Arlene Vrhel's Husband Joe Mantegna? 

Joe Mantegna is an accomplished American actor and filmmaker, celebrated for his portrayal of David Rossi in the popular TV series "Criminal Minds." Born Joseph Anthony Mantegna on November 13, 1947, to Mary Anne Novelli and Joseph Anthony Mantegna Sr., he originally hails from Italy. 

Joe Mantegna is an accomplished American actor and filmmaker.
Joe Mantegna is an accomplished American actor and filmmaker.
Photo Source: Instagram

Raised in a Catholic household by his mother, a shipping clerk, and his father, an insurance salesman, Mantegna's early life was rooted in traditional values. He also pursued music and played bass in The Apocryphal before transitioning into acting.

Following his marriage to Arlene Vrhel, Joe ventured into the film industry, where he quickly made a name for himself. With an impressive 152 acting credits and 20 producer credits on IMDb, his filmography spans a diverse range of roles. 

Notable works include "Rolling Thunder," "Circle of Chaos," "Criminal Minds," "As We See It," among others. Beyond his acting career, Mantegna also serves as the Head Basketball Coach at Blair Academy in New Jersey, adding another dimension to his multifaceted talents.

Arlene Vrhel Children

Arlene Vrhel cherishes her role as a mother to two daughters alongside her husband, Joe Mantegna. Their family is blessed with two children, Mia Mantegna being the eldest, who, like Charles Edward Vogelman, also grapples with autism. In contrast, their younger daughter, Gia Mantegna, has pursued a career in acting. 

Mia Mantegna

Mia Mantegna's journey began with a premature birth in 1987, triggered by complications with the umbilical cord. From her earliest days, Mia faced health challenges, including moments where her breathing would momentarily halt, leading to her autism diagnosis at the tender age of two. 

Arlene Vrhel is with her family.
Arlene Vrhel is with her family.
Photo Source: Instagram

Living with autism, Mia's behavior sometimes puzzled others, such as her spontaneous rendition of Pinocchio's lines in the grocery store or her curious inquiry after borrowing binoculars. Despite misconceptions from those unaware of her condition, Arlene and Mantegna remained steadfast in their love and support for Mia, unwavering in their commitment as parents.

Gia Mantegna

Gina Cristine Mantegna, the younger daughter of Arlene Vrhel and Joe Mantegna, has followed in her father's footsteps to become an American actress. Born on April 17, 1990, in New York, Gia relocated to Los Angeles with her parents at a very young age, where she spent her formative years. 

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Gia attended a high school in North Hollywood before embarking on her acting career at the age of 18, adopting the stage name Gia. However, her acting debut came much earlier, at just 13, in the film "Uncle Nino." 

Growing up, Gia was not only an actress but also a trained gymnast and ballerina. She is skilled in playing the piano and has a talent for singing. 

With an impressive 30 credits as an actress on IMDb, Gia has appeared in various movies and TV shows, including "Life After the First Failure," "Criminal Minds," and "The Bees and the Birdhouse."

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