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Get to Know Maxine Sneed - Tommy Chong's Former Wife and Editor of "Black Radio Magazine"

Published Thu Sep 03 2020 By Aashika
Get to Know Maxine Sneed - Tommy Chong's Former Wife and Editor of "Black Radio Magazine"

Maxine Sneed came into the spotlight as the former wife of the actor Tommy Chong. She worked as a former editor of ‘Black Radio Magazine’. She became famous from her husband, Chong, and married life. 

She was born on September 23 in Canada. She belongs to a multiracial ethnicity. She is of black Canadian and Cherokee descent. She holds the US and Canadian citizenship. 

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What is Maxine Sneed's Net Worth?

Maxine Sneed's net worth is estimated at around $1 million from her editor career at ‘The Black Radio Magazine’. She has also worked for a corporate house and some big corporate houses as a proofreader. In this way, she made her net worth in a million places. 

Married Life To Divorce

Maxine Sneed tied the knot to Tommy Chong in 1960. Her ex-husband is an actor, writer, director, and musician. The past couple raised two beautiful daughters together. They were married for 10 years but unfortunately, had to divorce in 1970. 

Maxine Sneed's Ex-Husband Tommy Chong. 
Image Source: ABC

Mother of Two Talented Daughters

Sneed is the mother of Rae Dawn Chong, born on 28 February 1961, and Robbi Lynn Chong, born on May 28, 1965. Both her beautiful daughters are actresses and models in the Hollywood industry and they are following the footsteps of their father. 

Maxine Sneed's two daughters Rae Dawn Chong and Robbi Lynn Chong.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Rae Dawn Chong was not her biological mother, she was from Chong's extra-marital affair with an underage lady named Gail Toulson. 

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Tommy fought for a custody battle for the child and won the case. But also she was given to her biological mother until she became 12 years old. Rae was raised by Sneed as her mother due to she says Maxine was her mother.  

Life After Divorce

A former editor of ‘The Black Radio Magazine’ started living a mysterious life after her separation from the actor. She never was seen in the media and kept a distance. She didn't move on to her marital status and live a single life. 

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Whereas, her then-husband, Tommy Chong got married to Shelby Fiddes in 1975. They welcomed three children sons Paris and Gilbran, and a daughter Precious. The couples are living a joyful life.  

Tommy Chong with his beautiful wife Shelby Fiddes. 
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Rumors and Controversy

Before Sneed and Chong's marriage, they were a target of numerous controversies along the way. Further, Tommy was in a relationship with Gail Toulson who gave birth to Rae. Anyway, Tommy fought the legal custody of his child and won it in favor of Maxine.

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