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Max Nichols

Published Sun Jul 10 2022 By chanel
Max Nichols

Max Nichols is an American film/stage director and producer best known as Rachel Nichols' husband. He is well-known for his blockbuster series and films such as Chemistry Lessons, Two Night Stand (2014), and Day 5. (2016).

Furthermore, in 2016, he earned a Streamy Award for Best Action or Sci-Fi Series for Day 5, an adventure-horror television series he directed.

Early Life

Max Nichols was born in the United States on December 9, 1973. Mike Nichols, his father, is an Oscar-winning film director, actor, and comedian. Some of his widely acclaimed works are Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, The Graduate, Silkwood, and Working Girl.  Max had three stepmothers. Annabel Davis-Goff, his mom, was his dad's third wife. She is a novelist as well as a screenwriter. The Dower House, This Cold Country, and The Fox's Walk are among her masterpieces. She is also a professor at Vermont's Bennington College.

In Frame: Max Nichols and his Oscar-winning film director father Mike Nichols (Source: Zimbio)

Max also has a younger sister, Jenny Nichols. She has featured in a number such as Crimes and Misdemeanors, New York Stories, and Ragtime. In contrast, Max and Jenny have a step-sibling from their dad's former spouse. Daisy, their older stepsister, works as a screenwriter and film producer. Max's father was Jewish, but the three siblings were not brought up in a religious home. Sadly, on November 19, 2014, Mike Nichols died after a heart attack at his Manhattan home.

Wedding Ceremony

Film and music video director Max Nichols is married to Rachel Nichols. The pair met when they were just two teenagers at a summer camp in Maine. After high school, the pair split up, only to rejoin ten years later. Max was employed at Tommy Boy Music, an indie music label, at the time, while Rachel was a sports reporter for the Washington Post. Max and Rachel agreed to rekindle their romance after their reunion. The lovely pair married on May 25, 2001, at Venice City Hall in New York. Their wedding was officiated by Zafiro Alessia, a state registrar in Venice, and was followed by a Jewish ceremony led by Rabbi Joui Hessel.

In Frame: Max Nichols and his beautiful wife Rachel Nichols attending a Hollywoodod event              (Source: The Sun)

Max and Rachel are completely smitten and are not scared to show affection for one other in public. They've shared the ups and downs of their professional lives. Most of all, they've been by each other's sides for over 20 years. They have twin daughters. They want their kids to enjoy lives away from the spotlight. Because of the continual media attention, celebrity children are unable to grow up in a conventional setting. Hence we can see why the parents would want to keep their children's identities disguised.

Who is Rachel Nichols? 

Rachel Michele Nichols was born on October 18, 1973, in Potomac, Maryland, and is a sports broadcaster and reporter. Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland was her dream school. She went on to study journalism at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. She received her diploma in 1995. Rachel began her career as a sports reporter for the Sun-Sentinel in 1995. 

She did, however, leave the organization a year later to work for the Washington Post. She was in charge of writing on the NHL's Washington Capitals while working at the Post. She began working with ESPN in 2004. As a result, she appeared frequently on sports television shows such as Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, and SportsCenter.

On the contrary, she frequently covered NFL and NBA games for ESPN. She also worked as a reporter for their news magazine and live television program and in 2013, Nichols left ESPN. She also co-hosted the CNN show Unguarded with Rachel Nichols. She was quite well at addressing honest questions to her show's attendees. 

Rachel Nichols rejoined ESPN three years later as a co-host of the program The Jump. She was also a frequent guest host on the podcast Pardon My Take and the television show Pardon the Interruption.

Did Rachel cheat on Max? 

Rachel Nichols decided to interview Miami Heat power forward Jimmy Butler within the NBA Bubble in 2020. Nevertheless, allegations of an affair between Rachel and Jimmy sparked controversy. The two caused controversy after Twitter users began mocking Rachel Nichols and her husband.

Nobody engaged in the matter has stated anything about the rumors. However, given that Rachel and Max are still together, the unfaithful charges may be without merit.

Lockdown and their Relationship

The COVID-19 epidemic forced everyone to stay inside their homes and indeed it was a difficult time for everyone. The couple discussed their adventures working from home in an interaction with the Hollywood Reporter. The couple Max battled to combine their career and personal lives. Max and Rachel battled to combine their career and personal lives.

Throughout this outbreak, the couple homeschooled their twin daughters. Raising kids while working long hours was challenging. Max, on the other hand, made certain that his girls did not feel agitated within their home. He transported the twins to their friend's apartment for an outside playdate. They would remain in the backseat of the sport utility vehicle, while the buddy would remain on their front lawn. In this approach, the Nichols allowed their girls to enjoy themselves while maintaining social distance. In their spare time, the couple also loved making cookies and cakes with their daughters.

Career in Hollywood

As a young actor, Max Nichols made his debut in the film industry. In 1981, he played a minor role in Milo Forman's historical film 'Ragtime.' Instead, he moved toward becoming a music video director later in life. He created the new song for T-"N Pain's I'm Luv Wit a Stripper," starring Mike Jones, in 2006. With the indie comedy movie Two Night Stand, he debuted in 2014.

In Frame: Hollywood actor and award-winning director Max Nichols (Source: Glamour Biz)

The guy also supervised an episode of the 'Day 5' adventure/horror tv show. In addition, he is now compiling a list of film projects, notably Heft and Chemistry Lessons. He started his career as a director in the early 2000s. Neither of his movies, unfortunately, was economically successful. As a consequence, he keeps working on ideas that will propel him to fame as a director. Based on his labor and achievement, we may expect him to get other prizes and accolades in the days ahead.

Net Worth of Max Nichols

Max Nichols is estimated to have a net worth of more than $3 as of 2022. A director's salary for a film might range from $250k to $500k. The filmmaker is paid big bucks if the film does well at the box office. They make between $19,500 and $36,500 per year on average.

The American director has created only a few films, but he is now working on two, so it is safe to predict that he will earn a good living. Furthermore, his wife, Rachel Nichols, earns roughly $1.5 million per year as an ESPN television anchor. Her personal fortune is $10 million.

Social Media

Tragically, he doesn't really have an Instagram or Facebook page, and none of Max Nichols' Twitter usernames are authenticated. Therefore, we know he is indeed a private person.

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