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Maureen McGuire - Know Facts Relating To Her Ex-Husband & Three Daughters

Published Mon Mar 30 2020 By Aashika
Maureen McGuire - Know Facts Relating To Her Ex-Husband & Three Daughters

Maureen McGuire is an American Journalist, born to the late David Collins and Darlene Collins. She is an American citizen born in Rochester, New York, United States. 

Her name Maureen is of Irish origin, which means "Of The Sea or Bitter". Let's look for some interesting facts about Maureen. 

Maureen McGuire- Education

She attended Bishop Kearney High School and then, pursued a Bachelor's degree in English at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York. McGuire then went on to study Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

Started Journalism Career From St. Louis

After her graduation, she began her career as a reporter at Colombia, Jefferson City, Traverse City, St. Louis. She has been working as a Journalist for 27 years and the driving factor of her profession still remains her passion for writing. Before becoming a Journalist, she struggled for a couple of years and worked mostly for publishing companies.  

Relationship with Micheal Bolton 

Maureen got married to most popular American singer Micheal Bolton in 1975 but after 15 long years, they put an end to their marriage on May 4, 1990.

Now, the divorced couple share three daughters Isa, Holly, and Taryn. As Micheal Bolton had the custody of their daughter, all her daughter grew with Micheal in Westport, Connecticut. 

The bright side of the story is that all her daughter is now independent women and they run their own businesses in Connecticut.

Maureen McGuire with her ex-husband.

Maureen as a Yoga instructor

Fitness has been a big part of Maureen's life, even when she married Micheal, she was an exercise teacher. McGuire dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but she found her true calling in Yoga. 

She initially taught aerobics and dance and expanded into yoga. Now she teaches yoga at the Payne Whitney Gym, East Shore Senior Center, and Quinnipiac University. 

Her classes are so popular that she once had to get permission from the city council to teach up to 130 students at a local beach.

Three Daughters

Maureen is blessed with daughters from her ex-husband Micheal Bolton. Their first child is Isa Bolton who is a businesswoman in Connecticut. She is currently married to her husband, Justine Gray. 

Further, The couple has two sons Grayson and Jack. Isa is now busy being a caring mom. Moreover, she spends most of her time with her husband and two sons.

Isa Bolton with her ex-husband.

Her second daughter, Holly Bolton has closed all doors leading to her personal side. Although, she once shared a photograph of her son Dylan with grandfather Micheal. 

As of now, she reportedly is divorced and is thinking of raising her son with the utmost care and compassion.

Micheal with her grandson and daughter Holly Bolton.
Image Source: Facebook

Her youngest daughter Taryn Bolton was born in 1979 and now Taryn has two daughters from her partner. Unlike two of her siblings, she seems pretty close to her father and handles her father's business. 

On Twitter, Micheal posted her success in establishing a new consignment store Around the Rosy. Micheal is proud to have a daughter like Taryn, Isa, and Holly. 

The youngest daughter Taryn Bolton.
Image source: Twitter 

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