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Matt Stonie aka Megatoad - What Should You Know About Him?

Published Tue Apr 19 2022 By sijal
Matt Stonie aka Megatoad - What Should You Know About Him?

Matt Stonie is a famed public figure known as the competitive eater who has won many eating championships and competitions beating the champion Joey Chestnut. 

Matt was born on May 24, 1992, in San Jose, California, the United States as a son of Cathy Stonie and Dorian Stonie. He is the 8th time's winner of the 2015 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Matt's Early Childhood and Educational Background 

Stonie is half Japanese, Czechoslovakian, and Lithuanian but he follows Christianity. He was born and raised in the USA by his parents alongside his younger brother Morgan Stonie who is also a YouTuber and a mukbang eater by now.

 Talking about his education he completed his formal level education at the Mission College located in Santa Clara. Whereas for his graduation he joined Evergreen Valley High School where he studied nutrients and the human digestive system.

Becoming a Famous Eater

With his knowledge of the human digestive system, Matt Stonie began to do experiments on himself by eating foods and waiting for the results if his stomach could handle it or not. 

He slowly started to participate in food eating competitions like World Gyro Eating Championship held in 2012.

Matt Stonie taking his award as Nathan's competitive eater
Matt Stonie won an award for Nathan's competitive eater. source:

Afterward, he finally created his official YouTube account. At first, it was hard to get people's attention and views but after some years he started gaining followers and as of now he has got more than 15 million subscribers.

Is Matt single or in a relationship?

The winner of the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Matt Stonie is in a relationship with a girl Mei who is an ordinary entrepreneur. Mie is very open about her relationship with Matt and usually posts about him as a couple. 

They have been known to each other for 8 years now and have been dating for 4 years. Although they are in a long-distance relationship their loyalty and love have kept them together.

Although Mei is open about their bond they haven't talked about their relationship officially in public.

Matt Stonie with his girlfriend wearing a black suit
Matt Stonie with his girlfriend Mei. source: @AsiaPosts

Matt Stonie's Net worth

Mattew Kai professionally known as Matt owned a Standford White-designed roundhouse. No doubt he is living a lavish life from his earnings through social media platforms.

Altogether, the total estimated net worth of Matt Stonie is $5 million dollars as of 2022. With his unique content, he gains millions of views just in one YouTUbe video and has a salary of $170,000 USD dollars monthly.

How did Matt manage to eat that much food?

Seeing Matt Stonie many people often get jealous cause he didn't gain that much weight even after eating so many calories food. He also has shared tips on managing the digestive system even after eating so many unhealthy and junk foods. 

After having all those calories in his stomach he would take proteins and vitamins to digest foods he have just eaten.

On the other hand, before getting those big bites he makes sure his foods have low calories and are light in fats. Besides that, the main routine is doing exercises which help to maintain the digestive system and drinking hot water and a cup of coffee.

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