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Know Matt Servitto - Facts About This American Actor

Published Fri Jun 04 2021 By sonalama
Know Matt Servitto - Facts About This American Actor

Matt Servitto is an American professional actor who has been in a number of films and television shows. He is best known for his role as Special Agent Dwight in the American criminal drama series The Sopranos. His appearances in the shows Hitch, Brotherhood, and others have helped him earn even more popularity.

Matt Servitto was born on April 7, 1965, in a tiny town in New Jersey, and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. During his high school years, he was a member of the school chorus and played football. He attended The Juilliard School in New York City and graduated with honors.

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Professional Career

In 1992, Servitto made his cinematic debut as Lucky Luciano in Mad Dog Coll and as Bo Weinberg in Hit the Dutchman.

He portrayed David Madson in the film The Versace Murder, and he has also appeared in films such as Crime and Punishment, Rhinoceros Eyes, Hitch, Mentor, Beautiful Ohio, and No Reservations in minor roles. In 2018, he made his final cinematic appearance as Celeste's Father in the drama film Vox Lux.

Matt Servitto portraying the role of Satan in "YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL".
Image Source: GEEK HARD

He began his television debut in 1989 as Trask Bodine in the American soap series All My Children. He has appeared in episodes of Law & Order with Arija Bareikis, Sex and the City, Hack, and Brotherhood in 2006 as Representative Donatello in the crime drama series.

In 2002, Servitto represented the voice of Sam in the action-adventure video game Mafia. In 2011, he also provided extra voices for Star Wars: The Old Republic which is a video game.

What's His Net Worth?

Matt Servitto's net worth is expected to be $3 million. His acting career, as well as his frequent film and television performances, provide him with his sole source of income. The actor seems to be living a very comfortable and luxurious life till now.

                                             Servitto with his co-worker Trieste Kelly Dunn on the sets of Banshee.                                          Image Source: Twitter

Relationship Status

Matt Servitto has exchanged the wedding vows with Anne Lauterbach Servitto on September 15, 2001. The couple is blessed with two children, a daughter Isabelle Gaffney and a son named Erin Williams. On June 16, 1990, he married Charissa Marie Sgouros who was his first wife. They did, however, decide to separate for personal reasons.

Social Media Presence

Servitto is quite active on social media platforms. On Instagram, where he goes by the username (@mattservitto), he has over 6.2kfollowers. He may also be found on Twitter under the username (@MattServitto), where he has around 14.6k followers.

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