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Get to Know Matt Cimber - Worst Director Nominee For "Butterfly"

Published Wed May 12 2021 By sonalama
Get to Know Matt Cimber - Worst Director Nominee For "Butterfly"

Matt Cimber is an Italian-American producer, director, and screenwriter of films, television also theatre plays. He was born on January 12, 1936, as Matt Cimber Thomas Vitale Ottaviano.

He is popular for directing works by writers Tennessee Williams and F. Scott Fitzgerald and also directing films like 'The Candy Tangerine Man',' The Witch Who Came from the Sea',' Hundra', and the controversial 1982 drama "Butterfly".

Matt's Professional Career

Climber is known professionally as Matteo Ottaviano first began his career in the early '60s by directing broadway plays like Burning Bright and Bus stop where he met his ex-wife Jayne Mansfield.

He initiated his cinematic directorial with the offbeat drama Single Room Furnished(1966). Matt also directed many sexploitation films such as; Man & Wife, Sex & Astrology, and The Sexually Liberated Female. In the mid-'70s, he directed three blaxploitation films as well. He collaborated with actress Laurene Landon for the adventure films Hundra and Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold.

After twenty years of absence in motion picture production, he came back with the drama Mirian(2006). In recent years, he is currently working on a documentary series. Snoop Dogg also teamed up with him to portray the Baron in the remake of Cimber's most controversial film "The Candy Tangerine Man".

Net worth

There are no reliable sources to know about the exact income and net worth of Matt Cimber. However, his net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

Let's have a look at his relationship journey.

Matt Climber married his first wife Jane Baldera in 1954. Later, they got divorced in1963. Cimber married his second wife Jayne Mansfield in1965. They got separated in 1966 a year before her death in a car crash. 

Climber again married his third wife Christy Hilliard Hanak in 1967 and got divorced from her as well. Currently, Mr. Matt is married to Miss Lynn Fero.

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How many children does he have?

Matt Climber has two children(Katie and Venico) from his first wife Jane. Again, he had a son named Antonio from his beloved second wife Jayne Mansfield.

Achievement and Awards

Matt was nominated for the Worst Director, Worst Picture, and Worst Screenplay for his controversial movie "Butterfly".