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Matt Carriker

Published Wed May 25 2022 By dishant
Matt Carriker

Matt Carriker is a famous YouTuber with millions of subscribers and views. He was born on 23 October 1986, in Boerne, Texas, United States. He also has millions of followers on his Instagram account.

Similarly, he has a licensed veterinarian with a powerful desire to protect animals. He started uploading videos on YouTube in 2007 and he is popular on his channel.

YouTube Career of Matt

In April 2007, Matt started his YouTube journey named "OffTheRanch" in which he started uploading videos of his personal life and animals. He titled "Dog versus Deer ORIGINAL" his first video uploaded in 2009. Later, the channel became popular and Matt started uploading videos of hoses, cars, and other things. His channel earned more than 4 million subscribers. On January 3, 2011, Matt opened his YouTube channel "DemolitionRanch" because he was also interested in guns and he started uploading videos on his channel.

Matt carrying guns a weraing cap and blacj t-shirt
Photo Of Matt Carriker
Source: Instagram (drdemolitionmatt)

Likewise, he was earning massive subscribers on his YouTube channel but, he was affected by his study. He got failed the final exams of graduation and his mindset was not to make videos for some time focusing on his study. But he decided to open his own vet clinic. And after graduation the again started uploading new videos on his YouTube channel.

Matt Carriker's Net Worth

Matt Carriker is a famous YouTuber whose an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He makes earns this massive source amount through his YouTube videos and as a veterinarian. Matt earns between $7.1k-$11.3k through his YouTube channel, DemolitionRanch, and $84.8k to $1.4 million yearly therefore the Vet Ranch earns him $921-$14.7k and yearly earns from $11.1k-$176.9k.

Similarly, he also has 1.5 million followers on his Instagram account. So as we know an account that has over 1 million followers earns $15,365 per month. Therefore, Matt might be making some sort of money through his Instagram account.

Family Status 

Famous YouTuber Matt is lucky to have a supporting and caring family where his father's name is Lee and his mother's name is Patricia. He also has three siblings. Sadly, his brothers Andrew, and Mark both passed away due to cancer in March 2020.

Selfie with beautiful wife on the beach
Photo of Matt and his wife Meredith
Source: Instagram(drdemolitionmatt)

Similarly, Matt is married to a beautiful woman named Meredith Atkinson they have three children two daughters and one son named Adalyn Carriker, Annie Carriker, and Lincoln Carriker, and they are living their life luxuriously without any hesitation by fulfilling the demands and needs of quality life.

Body Measurement 

Matt is a tall guy with a height of 6 feet 9 inches and weight is 211 lbs. His eyes color are brown in color and his hair is light brown in color.

Matt posing to click picture in formal outfit
Photo of Matt Carriker
Source: Instagram (drdemolitionmatt)

Social Media

Being a famous YouTuber, he is also very active on social media platforms where his Instagram account has 1.5 million followers and 1 million followers on his Facebook account, and 172.3k followers on his Twitter account as of now.

Quick Facts about Matt

  • His fans are called Demolitia.
  • He was interested in cars, trucks, and guns ever since his childhood.
  • He has a business in screen printing and merchandising that makes his "Demolitia" merchandise and he is the owner of Bunker Branding.
  • He likes to work out with his wife and his body is enthusiastic.
  • He is also a pet lover so he has two dogs named Lil Mama and Dozer who is expired.
  • Other than YouTube he is also a veterinarian.

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