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Matilda Clutterbuck - Facts About Andrew Lincoln's Daughter With Gael Anderson

Published Sun Jun 06 2021 By Aashika
Matilda Clutterbuck -  Facts About Andrew Lincoln's Daughter With Gael Anderson

Matilda Clutterbuck became the camera sensation as the first child of Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson. Her parents are reputed actors who have worked in the entertainment industry. 

She was born in 2007, in England, the United Kingdom. From an early age, she grabbed the attention of the media and the public as celebrity kids. Matilda is enjoying her childhood with her younger brother. 

Have a look at some information to know more about her.

Parents Relationship

Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson met on the set of the series, "Teachers" in 2001, where her father was a guest director and her mother was working in a supporting role.  Soon, they started knowing each other, from where their love life began. 

On 10th June 2006, the couple walked into the aisle in a private ceremony where their close ones were invited. Their married life has already been 14 years and welcomed two adorable children. 

Matilda Clutterbuck's parents Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson.
Image Source: Pinterest

Has One Sibling

Matilda Clutterbuck is the eldest sister of her only brother, Arthur Clutterbuck. He came into this world in 2010 which means Matilda is three years older than him. They have been studying at primary school. The siblings are growing up together and sharing their childhood. As being the busy parents, Andrew and Gael spend quality time with their children. The family of four-member often spotted at the Caribbean sea having a good time. 

Matilda Clutterbuck and her younger brother Arthur Clutterbuck with their father at the Caribbean sea.
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Maternal Grandparents

As we know that Gael Anderson is the daughter of Ian Anderson and Shona Learoyd. That makes Matilda Clutterbuck their granddaughter. Her grandfather is a reputed musician of the Music Industry. He is known as a member of the British rock band, "Jethro Tull". He is a lead vocalist, flutist, and acoustic guitarist. Ian has been working since 1962 which is now almost six decades. His albums include "Rupi's Dance", "Walk into the Light", "Thick as a Brick 2", and so on. 

On the other hand, her grandmother was a press officer at Jethro Tull's record label "Chrysalis Records" at the beginning of her career journey. After that, she worked for the band's on-stage special effects.  

An image of Ian Anderson and Shona Learoyd.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Father's Past Love Affairs 

Before having a relationship with Mrs. Anderson, he was dating Dania Gurira, a promising actress. They met on the set of Tv series "The Walking Dead". The pair were romantically linked on and off. They were together for a brief time and got broke up. 

First, the actor was in a relationship with actress, Tara Fitzgerald in 1997. The pair fell in love after working on "The Woman in White".  Unfortunately, within a year, the pair got separated in 1998 and moved on. 

Meaning of Her Name 

The first name "Matilda" is the English form of the Germanic female name Mahthildis, which derived from the old High German "Maht" (meaning "might and strength") and "hild" (meaning "battle"). Likewise, her surname "Clutterbuck", is the Anglicized form of a Dutch name that may have arrived in England at two periods in English history. 

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