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Meet Mary Louise Szekely - Daughter of Louis C.K and Alix Bailey

Published Wed Mar 31 2021 By Aashika
Meet Mary Louise Szekely - Daughter of Louis C.K and Alix Bailey

Mary Louise Szekely is the celebrity kids who are the youngest daughter of Louis C.K and Alix Bailey. Her parents are prominent actors who have been working in Hollywood. 

In 2005, Szekely was born to her parents in New York City, United States. From her birth, she became the camera sensation as a child of a celebrity. She has an eldest sister Kitty Szekely with whom she has been spending her childhood. 

Let's know more Szekely that you want to know. 

Meaning of Her Name 

The first name "Mary" is an Aramaic and Hebrew name that means "Beloved". Similarly, her middle name "Louise" is of Old German origin, referring to "Famous Warrior". 

The surname "Szekely" refers to Hungarian people from the historical region of Transylvania, Romania. 

Eldest Sister

Mary Louise Szekely is blissed with the eldest sister. Her sister is Katherine "Kitty" Szekely who was born on 22 March 2002 and is three years older than her. 

The two siblings were spotted together in "Louis C.K  Oh My God" and "Louis C.K 2017". They share a good bonding and captured hang out together. 

Mary Louise Szekely spotted with her eldest sister, Katherine "Kitty" Szekely, and their father. 
Image Source: Naibuzz

Parents' Married Life 

Her parents, Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey exchange the vow in 1995 after dating for a long time. The couple met each other in the 1990s from where their love life began. 

After having 13 years of happy married life, unfortunately, the two filed the divorce which official in 2008.

A picture of Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey.
Image Source: Pinterest

Reason of Separation 

In the period of their divorce, the couple was having therapy sessions and marriage counseling which later seem that didn't work. In fact, Mr. C.K was criticized for using his family member in particular in his comedy routines which might be the reason for their split. 

After Divorce of Her Parents

Mary and her older sister, Kitty's custody is given joint to their parents. Her mother is living a single life, without any extra material affairs.  

On the other hand, her father moved on in his life. He has dated a famous musician, Fiona Apple for a short period. Later, in 2018, the comedian was in a relationship with "Roommates Wanted" actress, Blanche Gardin which also failed. 

Louis C.K with his former girlfriend, Blanche Gardin.
Image Source: NY Daily News 

Wealthy Lifestyle

Being the daughter of millionaire parents, without any doubt we can say that Mary is having a lavish lifestyle. Mr. Louis C.K has a whopping amount of net worth of $35 million. 

He is a comedian-actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and film editor which are his source of income. His career began in the industry as film director of "Trash Day" at age of 17. Later, C.K worked in numerous series and movies such as "American Hustle", "Trumbo". "Hilarious", and so on. 

While Alix Bailey is an actress whose net worth is around $1 million. In 1998, she made her debut on the screen in a comedy film, "Tomorrow Night". Then, starred in "Persona N'ell Aqaua", "Searching for Nixon", "Spooky Stakeout", and so on. 

Father's Charity Works 

Mary Szekely's father has been involved in many charity works. He has donated $280,000 to five charitable institutions in 2011 and also $50,000 to Fistula Foundation in 2016. Likewise, in March 2020, C.K gave $2,800 to the Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign. 

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