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Martyn LeNoble - Super Rich, Slapped Cops, and More You Need to Know

Published Thu Sep 03 2020 By Aashika
 Martyn LeNoble - Super Rich, Slapped Cops, and More You Need to Know

People recognized Martyn LeNoble as the founder of the rock band, 'Porno for Pyros'. He is a Dutch musician and a bass guitar player. He is the husband of popular actress Christina Applegate.

He was born on April 14, 1969, in Vlaardingen, Zuid- Holland, Netherlands. His nationality is Dutch as well as ethnicity. He moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to get a successful life.  

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Estimated Net Worth 

LeNoble has an approximated net worth of $139.9 million. He collected his massive fortune as a musician. He started his career at the age of 14 with the post-punk rock band 'Thelonious Monster'.

His album ‘Porno for Pyros’ costs around $13.78. He earns considerable money by selling his albums. Moreover, the averages earning of a bass guitarist is $20 thousand per year, but LeNoble has been earning more than that. 

Bassist of Rock Band 'Porno for Pyros'

Martyn LeNoble got immense fame after he found his own band 'Porno for Pyros' in 1999. The band consists of musician Perry Ferrell (vocalist), Stephen Perkins (drummer), and Peter Distefano (guitarist). Later, Mike Watt joined the band. With the group, he has released two albums, 'Porno for Pyros' and '12 Bar Blues'. 

A picture of rock band member 'Porno for Pyros' of 1999.
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Furthermore, he has worked and recorded numerous songs with other famous music artists, including Dave Gahan, Mark Langan, Scott Weiland, Daniel Lanois, Sarah McLachlan, Tom Morello, and Josh Klinghoffer.

Endorsing of His Guitar Pick Collections

LeNoble earns a decent amount of money from selling his guitar pick. He has his own guitar pick symbol which is on his self-name. His pick cost in the range of $9.99 to $14.95. 

Martyn LeNoble's yellow guitar pick of Europe 2002.
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Wife: Christina Applegate

A former band member of 'Thelonious Monster', LeNoble is happily married to an actress of 'Heart of the City', Christina Applegate. The lovely couple started dating in January 2008. 

Right after 2 years, Martyn proposed to his girlfriend on the beach 'Palm Springs' on 14th February 2010. Both exchanged their vows on 23rd February 2013. 

His beautiful wife Christina Applegate. 
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Has One Daughter : Sadie Grace LeNoble

 Martyn LeNoble is the father of an adorable baby girl named Sadie Grace LeNoble. He welcomed his daughter on 27th January 2011. Sadie was born at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Being a busy person, Martyn managed to spend much time with his daughter and wife. He is thankful to God that he is blessed with his daughter in life. 

Martyn LeNoble's daughter Sadie Grace LeNoble's picture while she was riding a horse.  

Tattoos On Body 

Christina Applegate's husband has some tattoos on his body. He has done heart shape ink with few other symbols of his own on the chest. On his finger, he has inked diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades of the cards. Similarly, there is one tattoo on his arms and recently, he has done a water protector tattoo on leg. 

An image of Martyn's tattoos. 

Arrested By Cops

In 2013, Martyn LeNoble was detained and frisked Los Angeles police. The case was filed by a paparazzi and claimed LeNoble slapped him in the face. The incident took place at the COOP in Studio City to object to the snaps of his 2-years daughter and wife. The bassist doesn't want to get harassed and was trying to back off a photographer which causes an incident. Later, he was released by officers. 

A picture of bassist LeNoble talking with a police officer. 
 Image Source: NY Daily News 

Social media Presence

He is active in social sites like Twitter and Instagram. He has 1,464 followers on his Instagram with the username ‘@gosttooth’. Likewise, on his twitter 3,986 followers with the username '@martynlenoble'

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