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Marshmello Net Worth - Faceless Electronic Singer

Published Wed Mar 16 2022 By sijal
Marshmello Net Worth - Faceless Electronic Singer

Christopher Comstock professionally known as Marshmello is a famed Hollywood personality popular as a Dj and an electronic musician. He has gained a lot of attention from adults and teenagers cause of his modern genes kinds of music and songs.

Marshmello was born on May 19, 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States. Marshomello's total estimated net worth is $50 million dollars as of 2022 as a famed electronic musician.

What's the salary of Marshmello?

Billboard Music Award for Top Dance/ Electronic Album receiver was born in an ordinary American family and was raised alongside his younger sister. 

After doing struggles in the Hollywood music world Marshmello AKA Christopher Comstock got the fame and position he was eagerly waiting for. His annual income from a single song is up to $16,000,000 USD dollars.


The receiver of MTV Europe Music Award for Best Electronic had given many extraordinary and popular songs to the music world. Altogether, the Happier, Wolves, FRIENDS, and Alone songs producer had a salary of up to $130k USD dollars in a month and a total net worth of $50 million dollars in a year.

Furthermore, he also got a lot of earnings from his lunched merches and sponsored brands. For appearing in an interview or reality TV show Marshmello charged up to $80k USD dollars.

How many cars does Marshmello have?

FRIENDS song producer Marshmello owned a bunch of expensive and popular brands cars. It's not surprising the Dj is fascinated about buying cars and many of his cars are also featured in his music videos.

Marshmello doing photoshoot in his expensive McLaren 720S wearing a full black for a black themed photography
Marshmello in his luxurious McLaren 720S. source: @TeamSpeed

In total, he owned seven luxurious cars which almost cost millions. Lamborghini Aventador (price:$393k), Maserati(price:$75k), BMW(price:$140k), and so on. These are the major cars Marshmello usually used for his daily ride.

Where is the house of Marshmello? How many houses does he own?

Being a kind producer and director is listed in the list of the richest people in the music industry. Talking about the house properties, he owned a mansion by himself. In one of his YouTube videos, he has featured his house tour in his song House party.

He owned a total of two houses which are filled with luxurious sweet home-themed vibes perfect for a music producer like Marshmello. As he is the most private personality in the industry he has chosen a place far from the urban world between the hill areas.

Marshmello lavish mansion located in Mulholland Park Estate which costs $10.8 millions with a beautiful swimming on the front
Marshmello's lavish house located in Mulholland Park Estate. source: @Nourmand & Associates

House in Los Angeles

In 2019 the iHeartRadio Music Award receiver bought a starter house themed with a perfect-shaped house made of woods and bamboos.

The house costs almost $4 million as of now but Marshmello bought it for $3.5 million dollars. It is a kinda refreshing and nature vibe house with celebrity privacy securities located in the heart of Los Angeles Hills.

House in Park Estate

After gaining a lot of attention and income from his tours and sponsors Marshmello decided to bought another luxurious in his name.

Comstock bought a white-themed house with luxurious and stylish features from top to bottom built on a 7,800 sq. foot ground located in Mulholland Park Estate. According to Famous Entertainment, the house costs $10.8 million dollars as of 2022. 

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