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No Sign of Marloes Horst’s Romantic Involvement after Ex-Fiance Alex Pettyfer

Published Thu May 30 2019 By Samana
No Sign of Marloes Horst’s Romantic Involvement after Ex-Fiance Alex Pettyfer

Fashion icon Marloes Horst’s love life currently, is dry as a dessert and is now focusing on her career. The model was last known of having a fling with the Beastly actor, boyfriend turned fiance Alex Pettyfer.  

Supermodel Horst, whose net worth is $5 million and the hot movie sensation Pettyfer began dating at 2014. Recently after they were out in the public’s eye as a couple, they were cozying up being handsy with each other at the famous music festival, Coachella. 

The confirmation about Horst and Pettyfer's relationship came to the public from Horst’s agent saying “have been together for seriously for a few weeks now. They are very much a couple “to E! News also adding that the pair “are very happy” (together). 

Horst was also caught leaving Pettyfer’s house a couple of times by the paparazzi. The lovebirds were also spotted together many times holding hands and leaving together.

The Duo Split With a Teeny Tiny Hint

The beautiful duo Marloes Horst and Alex Pettifer announced their breakup in 2016 via their Instagram posts. The actor, also a Burberry model, wrote, “I wouldn’t do this as I like to keep my life private”. He then went on explaining, “Whatever the reason, Marloes and I split up because of our work and busy schedule” He furthered cleared the situation saying “It was our mutual decision and love each other very much!!!”

Finally the hint that got us all believe that things might work out for them, “We are best friends and who knows what the future holds”. Let us not lie about not having a little hope about them rekindling their affair after reading the post!

The Calvin Klein model also posted a picture and captioned it “Despite of what some papers might say, Alex and I split due to our busy schedule. We will always be best friends and each other's family forever." #loveisalwaystheanswer

The obvious hinted reunion took place after six months in 2017, when the Victoria’s secret angel Marloes was seen with a bling bling diamond ring on her ring finger. The I am number four star was also previously engaged to Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough. 

The romantic reconciliation was then ended for the last time and the famous duo went on their separate glamorous ways with no hint of any further romance. 

Where Are The Former Lovers Now?

Alex Pettyfer is currently active with his dating life and is dating Guess model, Gabriela Giovanardi whose net worth is $1 million. As for our babe Marloes, she is currently in a relationship with her work and is not dating anyone. The model still has her famous ex boyfriend’s pictures with the same caption on her Instagram feed.

Marloes Horst's Love for Brittany 

Marloes horst loving her dog Brittany Spaniel
Marloes Horst's love for her dog Brittany Spaniel.
Image Source: Instagram@marloeshorst

Brittany Spaniel is the dog she adopted, and she loved her very much. It looks like this relationship is never going to end unlike her past affairs.

Horst's is seen carrying Brittany everywhere and her Insta feeds are full of her.

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