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8 Facts About Mark Fluent - Writer Justine Bateman's Husband

Published Sat Mar 04 2023 By sush
8 Facts About Mark Fluent - Writer Justine Bateman's Husband

Mark Fluent is the Managing Director and Head of Western US Real Estate for the Deutsche Bank. However, he is best known as the husband of the filmmaker and author Justine Bateman, also the sister of the American actor, Jason Bateman

Mark was a struggling real estate agent who spent over a decade stabilizing his standing in the field. And now, he made it as far as becoming the Head of Western US Real Estate for Deutsche Bank, who has secured this position for over a decade. Moreover, he also serves on the Lusk real estate board. 

So let's find out more about his journey in the article below. 

What is Mark Fluent's Net Worth?

The net worth of Mark is estimated to be over $3 million. As stated above, Mark is the Managing Director of Deutsche Bank. Moreover, he has been working in the bank for over 11 years. Moreover, he also had a career as a real estate agent and broker previously. 

Mark Fluent and his wife, Justine Bateman.
Mark Fluent and his wife, Justine Bateman. (Source: Zimbio)

Moreover, his wife, Justine Bateman is a filmmaker, producer, and author who has an estimated net worth of over $6 million. She is also an actor best known for her works in Family Ties, Californication, The TV Set, and Desperate Housewives. 

Early Life And Education

According to sources, Mark Fluent was born in 1962, in Los Angeles, California. He was born in a Christian household. However, unfortunately, not much is known about his early life and family background. Since he is an all-about work person, he hasn't spoken about his personal life at all. Moreover, it's the same regarding his education.

However, it was reported that Mark lived in New York City during the 1990s. He developed a love for contemporary art collecting. Also, according to his LinkedIn profile, he is a graduate of the University of Southern California, though his major is unknown. 

Mark Fluent And Justine Bateman Are Discreet About Their Marital Life

As already mentioned, Mark is married to Justine Bateman. According to sources, the couple got married in January 2001. According to sources, they were already in a relationship for quite a long period, before they decided to exchange the rings. 

Mark Fluent and Justine Bateman with their kids.
Mark Fluent and Justine Bateman with their kids. (Source: Shutterstock)

Though the couple has been extremely private about their marital life, it can be seen that they have no problems with their life and leading a happy life together. So even now, after over two decades, they are still together and blooming. 

Let's Know More About His Wife

Mark's wife, Justine Bateman is a famous American writer, filmmaker, and director. She is also an actress known for Family Ties and Men Behaving Badly. Moreover, she was also named one of “22 Female Filmmakers to Watch” by IndieWire, one of InStyle’s “Badass 50,“ and one of Adweek’s “Trailblazers,” back in 2021, for her work in film and literature.

Justine Bateman.
Justine Bateman. (Source: Variety)

She is an author who has written two best-selling books named Fame and Face. Her best-selling first book, Fame is a non-fiction book that depicts the life cycle of fame and society’s strong need for it. It was published in 2018 by Akashic Books. 

On the other hand, her second book, Face, is about aging and the criticism that women face due to aging. It was released back in 2021. The book echoes how women’s faces getting older create a reaction and make people angry. This book received a positive response from an enormous amount of readers.

How Many Children Do Mark And Justine Have?

Mark and Justine have already welcomed the bliss of parenthood. The couple is the parents of two beautiful children. Mark and his wife Justine welcomed their first child, a son named Duke Kenneth Fluent on June 18, 2002.

Mark Fluent with his kids, Duke Kenneth Fluent, and Gianetta Fluent.
Mark Fluent with his kids, Duke Kenneth Fluent, and Gianetta Fluent. (Source: whatsmagazine)

Two years later, they welcomed their adorable daughter Gianetta Fluent, who is also known as "Gia" in January 2004. She completed their family of four and now they live in Los Angeles, California.

Mark's Career In Deutsche Bank

As already mentioned, Mark Fluent is the Managing Director of the Deutsche Bank. Moreover, he is also the Head of Western US Real Estate of the bank. Moreover, he has been working for the bank for over 13 years now, since 2010.

Currently, he is based in Century City and manages San Francisco, Dallas, and Los Angeles branches and oversees the origination of floating and fixed rates, and is responsible for balance sheet lending, and non-recourse commercial real estate loans on the West Coast. 

Mark Flent and Justine Bateman making an appearance together
Mark Flent and Justine Bateman making an appearance together. (Source: Idolpersona)

Moreover, his team has been described as the most fruitful and fastest-growing team within the bank. He also helped the bank to become the market leader since founding the West Coast group in 2010, in CMBS origination. With his team's efforts, the bank came #1 in the rankings in 7 out of 8 years. 

Early Career: Mark Had A Real Estate Career Which Was Not Successful

As soon as Mark graduated from college, he started his career in real estate and began working as a real estate developer. Then, even after working for nearly a decade, he was unable to produce the outcomes that he wanted. 

Mark joined the Morstrat Securities Corporation in 1994. However, just after a year of serving in the company, he bid farewell in 1995. Then, he joined Lehman Brothers Inc. in 2007 as a broker. And similarly, he left the company as well, just a year after he initially started. At the same time, he also worked with Pembrook Capital Management. 

Then, he left his career in real estate and finally joined Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. in 2010. And as it seems, he was not cut out for real estate since his career was so unstable.

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Mark began working as a broker with Lehman Brothers Inc. in 2007. His career there was brief, as he left the following year, in 2008. Additionally, he spent time with Pembrook Capital Management. 

Social Media Handles

Unfortunately, it seems that Mark Fluent isn't active on social media. He is a busy businessman, with lots of schedules filling up his day. And the only way to contact him is through his LinkedIn profile. 

However, his wife, Justine Bateman is available on both Instagram and Twitter. But she doesn't post about him and keeps it strictly professional. 

Nevertheless, Justine is active on Instagram under @_justinebateman_. Moreover, her presence on the platform can be said well since she has over 120k followers. Similarly, she is also active on Twitter, as @JustineBateman. Moreover, she has a better presence on the platform with over 125.4k followers. 

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