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Mariya Putina - Vladimir Putin's Daughter Who Took COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Herself

Published Sat Dec 12 2020 By Aashika
Mariya Putina - Vladimir Putin's Daughter Who Took COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Herself

Mariya Putina is the eldest daughter of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the first lady Lyudmila Putina. Apart from being known by family backgroung, she is also a Russian pediatric endocrinologist. 

On 28th April 1985, she was born to her parents and her birthplace is Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. Mariya's nickname is Masha which is called by her family and friends. She has the youngest sister Katerina Tikhonova. 

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Estimated Net Worth and Income Source

Putina has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She has accumulated from her career as a pediatric endocrinologist. 

Putin's daughter is actively involved in numerous research projects and is a Ph.D. candidate in endocrinology. Not only that, she has been earning a good amount of wages as a co-author of several books.  

Mariya Putina is a Ph.D. candidate in endocrinology. 
Image Source: Pinterest

The Shareholder in Medical Center's Developer

According to BBC Russia, the President's eldest daughter has involved in the business field. She is one of the shareholders of the medical center, which is a new firm developing of $634 million. It was founded in January 2019 and named 'Nomeko' that is located near St. Petersburg. 

A Project with Russian Youths

Putina has become an idol of many young people, who have been successful at an early age. She also wants to take an idea from the energetic and dynamic youths of Russia for her upcoming project 'Genome of Russians'. 

Mariya said, "Youths' ideas not only change society and Country but change the world as well and also, she will give employment opportunities to 100 youths in this project."

Coordinated Work in Vladimir Putin

Mariya Putina grabs the attention of the media when she recommends her father, to give a first CRISPR vaccine to her and her young sister for the test. 

CRISPR vaccine is given for many flavors of “Cas” proteins found in bacteria, where they help defend against viruses. She is also known as an advisor of President, Vladimir Putin. 

Father's Net Worth

Her Father Vladimir Putin has a whopping amount of net worth of $70 billion whereas his annual income is $187 Thousand. He earned it from his political career. 

Putin is one of the reputed President and Prime Minister of Russia. From the age of 16, he started making a career in politics and served in the KGB. 

Happily Married with Businessman

Mariya Putina is the wife of a successful Dutch businessman, Jorrit Faassen. Her husband is an executive at Gazprom, which is the Russian state-run gas company. 

There is no information about their love life and the exact date of marriage. The couple maintains to live a private life. 

Husband Jorrit Faassen,  a successful Dutch businessman. 
Image Source: NCA

Relationship of Parents' 

The Russian President, Putin and Lyudmila Ocheretnaya got married in 1983. The couple were together for almost 31 years but got divorced in 2014. From their marriage, they share two children. 

Her parents Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Ocheretnaya.
Image Source: ABC News

After separation, Mariya's mother moved on and tied the knot with Artur Ocheretny in 2015. Her current husband is a Russian-Soviet entrepreneur. 

Education and Qualifications 

The pediatric endocrinologist is a Ph.D. candidate at the Endocrinology Research Centre in Moscow. She graduated in medicine from Moscow State University. 

Before that, Putina was enrolled at St. Petersburg University with a major in International Economics. Her schooling was completed at the private German School in Moscow. 

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