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Get to Know Marita Stavrou - Former Wife of NBA Star Reggie Miller and Mother of Two

Published Tue Dec 08 2020 By pratikshya
Get to Know Marita Stavrou - Former Wife of NBA Star Reggie Miller and Mother of Two

Marita Stavrou is an American actress who is widely famous for her acting skills in the movie 'Strictly Business' in 1991. She is also known as the former wife of famous NBA Player, Reggie Miller. 

Stavrou and Miller enjoyed 8 years of married life and got separated. They are the parents of two children who are now young and successful people. Stavrou was born on 2nd November 1965 in the United States of America. 

Here are some details of Stavrou's life which many people are curious about. 

What's Her Net Worth? 

'Dinner Rush', actress Marita Stavrou has an estimated $2 million of net worth through her acting career. She spent more than two decades in the entertainment industry. 

According to Payscale, the actress earns from 19k to 170k yearly depending upon their role. Whereas, her former-husband Reggie Miller has a huge net worth of $90 million.

Ex-Husband: Reggie Miller 

Stavrou and Miller were first introduced by actress Magic Johnson. They dated for several years and finally, the couple tied the knot in August 1992 and welcomed two children. 

After spending eight years of a successful marriage, they couldn't go forward and divorced in 2000. 

Marita Stavrou modeling with her ex-husband Reggie Miller.
Image Source: PlayersBio 

Has Two Children 

She is the mother of two children from Miller. She gave birth to her son first and daughter. She has raised two children as a single mother.  

Divorce and Alimony 

In 2000, Miller filed for divorce with Stavrou as per an interview given by Reggie and the reason for their divorce was Marita got bored on their first night. 

The statement also caused controversy in the entertainment industry.  Finally, the couple got divorced in 2001 with an expensive divorce settlement amount.  

She got $5 million as divorce -settlement sum of money in spousal support and both parents were granted equal custody of their children. 

Multiple Marriage of NBA Star 

Although, after separation from an actress, her then-husband Miller was in a relationship with two other American actresses Natane Boudreau and Jaimyse Haft. 

Currently, he is dating long time girlfriend Laura Laskowski and has a daughter usually seen sharing pictures in their social media account.  

Reggie Miller with his ex-partner Natane Boudreau and two children. 
Image Source: Pinterest


Stavrou got into a controversy when their mansion worth $3 million in Indianapolis got burned down before they shifted.

There were investigations by the police department and it was rumored that Marita supposedly had a hand in it because she was against the family moving to the mansion. There was no proof and no charges were brought against her. 

Life after Divorce 

When Marita Stavrou got separated from the life of Reggie, she started to live a private life away from the limelight. Despite Reggie having multiple relationships, she refers to remains single to date and raised her children as a single mother. She is not on any of the social media platforms. 

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