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About Marissa Bailey - From Bullied School Girl to Amazing Journalist

Published Mon Aug 24 2020 By pratikshya
About Marissa Bailey - From Bullied School Girl to Amazing Journalist

Marissa Bailey is a popular broadcast journalist as the weekend host of CBS- owned "WBBM-Channel2", a morning newscast. She is the general assignment correspondent for the station.

She was born on 29 October 1981 in Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York State. She is also known as the wife of the former producer at WGRZ-TV Michael Geller. 

Here are some unknown facts about Bailey.

Net Worth and Earnings

Marissa Bailey has a huge amount of net worth of $2 million. Millionaire Bailey's successful career has helped her attain such a hefty amount of money.

Also, her husband Michael Geller works as an attorney in Chicago and serves as an associate for enforcement and transfer of intellectual property. His estimated net worth is $3 million.

Lavish Condo in Lincoln Park

Bailey is living in a luxurious condo for which she pays $714,000. The apartment is of a four-story building which is located in Lincoln Park. 

Her house is the deluxe unit that is consists of a three-bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private elevator entrance, a private roof deck, crown moldings with high ceilings and gas fireplace and master bath, and a spa.

A picture of the interior design of her apartment in Lincoln Park. 
Image Source: VHT 

Well-Educated Person

'CSB' host, Bailey completed her primary level education at an elementary school in Plattsburgh, New York, named Arthur P. Momot Elementary School. Since her childhood, she was an excellent student at Arthur P. Momot Elementary. 

After high school, she got a master's degree from the Broadcast Journalism course from Syracuse University in New York from SU. She got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. 

As A Broadcaster 

Marissa's journalism career began very early. She was writing articles for the local Plattsburgh newspaper and appeared several times on Plattsburgh local television. In September 2006, Marissa worked from working for WGRZ - TV station as anchor and reporter in the "Daybreak Sunday" show. And later she got a job offer from CBS Chicago in January 2012.

Marrissa Bailey on the CBS Chicago Network.
Image Source:

Firstly, she was appointed as an assignment reporter and within two months, she was promoted to be an anchor for the morning newscasts. 

Also, she made a small appearance in the movie "Manhandlers" action comedy in 2012. She is doing well as a reporter.

Got Married To Michael Geller

'WBBM- Channel 2' host Bailey married Michael Geller on 3rd September 2014. They were introduced by their mutual close friend. After dating for a year, the couple tied the knot.

Bailey with her husband Michael Geller.
Image Source: Pinterest 

Mother of Baby Boy

The professional news reporter Bailey, is the mother of a cute baby boy. They welcomed a child on 12 April 2017, naming their little boy Beau Geller. 

As both of them are working and they always lack time, they decided to send Beau to daycare. She shares a lovely picture with her loving husband and cute baby. 

An adorable couple with their cute baby boy Beau Geller.
Image Source: Twitter

Has Pet At Home

She is an animal lover. She has a big Goldendoodle dog called Cubby. Her whole family enjoying playing with Cubby. As she is avid of pets, she cares about her Cubby as her child. Her dog has featured on her Instagram posts.  

Marissa Bailey and her dog Cubby. 
Image Source: Instagram

Was Bullied in School

Although she was brilliant in her education she has suffered from bullying due to her being overweight at her high school. She did not look as good as she does today. Children at school bullied her because she was overweight, which made Marissa want to change and have a healthy lifestyle.

She changed herself and loved to listen to music and ride her bicycle. She managed to lose weight during her high school years and was able to make a remarkable position where she is today. 

Body Appearance

Gorgeous wife of Geller stands at 5 feet 4 inches (163cm) and weighs 145lb (66kg). She is one stunning woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. She looks very sexy with a dimple on her face. 

Social Media

Being a journalist she is quite active on several social media platforms- She has Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has  9,478 followers in the Twitter account, an Instagram account with 3,623 followers, and Facebook pages as 4,000 followers.  

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