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Get to Know Mariellen Bergman - Facts and Pictures of Peter Bergman's Wife

Published Wed Feb 03 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Mariellen Bergman - Facts and Pictures of Peter Bergman's Wife

Mariellen Bergman grabbed the attention of the media and the public when she became the wife, Peter Bergman. Her husband is a promising actor who has been appearing as Jack Abbott on 'The Young and the Restless'.

She was born in the late 1960s in the United States of America. Before her personal life with Bergman, she was having her life away from the spotlight. 

Here is some info that will help to know more about Bergman. 

Bergman's Husband Net Worth

Mariellen Bergman's husband has a net worth which is around $10 million. His average annual income is estimated at $1 million. 

He came into the Hollywood industry in 1979 and appeared in numerous movies and series. His outstanding performance can see in 'All My Children', 'Fantasies', and so on. 

Married Life 

Mrs. Bergaman is enjoying married life with an actor Peter Bergman. She is the second wife of Mr. Bergman. In October 1985, the couple tied the knot which has been now 35 years. 

The duo is one of the examples in the industry who has run their relationship for a long period. They have two children with whom they have been living a blissful life. 

Mariellen Bergman with her husband Peter Bergman.
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Spouse's Former Wife

Before marrying Mariellen, 'The Nanny' actor was wedded to actress and singer Christine Ebersole. They walked into the aisle in 1976, which lasted for five years. 

Finally, in 1981, the former pair got divorced and separated their ways. Bergman and Ebersole didn't share any children during their love life. 

Former wife Christine Ebersole.
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Mother of Two Children 

She is the mother of a daughter and a son. Mrs. Bergman gave birth to her first child, Connor Bergman in 1987. Later, welcomed the second child, Clare Bergman in 1990. 

In People Magazine's interview, their father, Peter revealed that how he picked his children's names. "I had read 'Leon Uris' book Trinity the summer before Connor was born and the main character had that name.. Clare had always been a favorite of mine because Mariellen's grandmother was from the Country Clare in Ireland."

Two children Connor Bergman and Clare Bergman. 
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Attendants in Award Events

Mariellen Bergman was spotted in every award event with her husband. When an actor won the '29th Annual Daytime Emmy Award' on 29th August 2002, he kissed his wife and thanked her for supporting him.  

'29th Annual Daytime Emmy Award' for outstanding performance in 'The Young and the Restless'. 
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Maintain Personal Life 

Being the wife of a celebrity, she managed to keep her personal life away from the media. She has not revealed any information about her family. 

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