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Facts About Mariahlynn - American Rapper & LAHH Star

Published Mon Oct 28 2019 By DGM
Facts About Mariahlynn - American Rapper & LAHH Star

Mariahlynn, whose full name is Mariahlynn Jacoby-Araujo, is a famous American reality television actress and the 'Love & Hip Hop: New York (LHHNY)' star. She was born on the 17th of July, 1990 in Jersey City, New Jersey of the United States.

She is a musical artist by profession who was born to a Puerto Rican father and an Italian mother. Here are some facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

The beautiful rapper Mariahlynn has amassed a wonderful net worth of $1 million from her successful career as a reality television star and musical artist. 

Dating a Professional Boxer

The 29 years old actress is currently dating Josue Vargas, a famous professional boxer. She eventually dumped her former boyfriend of 8 years, Rich Dollaz and started dating the boxer. Though he is way much younger than her, the two have seeing each other for quite a while now. 

Was Once Pregnant By Rich Dollaz

In an episode of LHHNY back in March, Mariahlynn revealed that she was once pregnant by her then boyfriend, Rich. Furthermore, she also added that they had been secretly dating for 8 long years. But as Dollaz was alleged to have gone under the knife and had a vasectomy, it came out that she was not pregnant. 

A picture of Mariahlynn with her ex-boyfriend, Rich Dollaz.
Mariahlynn with her ex-boyfriend, Rich Dollaz.
Image Source: VH1

Previous Relationships

Mariahlynn has a long history when it comes to dating men because she has dated several men. She had already dated Cisco Rosado and Safaree Samuels by 2017. After that, she dated Rich Dollaz for 8 long years secretly with whom she had a lot of controversies in the reality show. 

Had a Tough Childhood

As the musician's mother has substance abuse issues, she had to go through a very harsh and tough childhood. She was raised via Foster Care System which had a huge negative impact in her life.

Worked as a Stripper to Support Family

Dollaz's ex-girlfriend previously used to work as a stripper in order to support her family economically. Not only that, she had also involved in the profession of a go-go dancer. She was struggling a lot to make money until she met DJ Self who helped enter the music industry.

Admitted Two Plastic Surgeries 

The 'Never Bitch' rapper Mariahlynn has openly admitted that she has went under the knife and had two plastic surgeries done. The surgeries she opted for include breast job and buttocks implants. She doesn't feel about her decision of using knife on her body because she always desired the body she has today.

A picture of Mariahlynn walking on streets.
Mariahlynn walking on streets.
Image Source: Getty Images

Seven Tattoos Inked

Not only surgeries but the beautiful model has also inked a total of seven tattoos on her body. Each of her seven tattoos hold a special meaning in her life. She has stars inked on her right forearm and 'Mom' inked on her right wrist.

Social Media Presence

The multi-talented celebrity is present and active on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She has her account on Instagram by the name @mariahlynnboss whereas her Twitter account name is @MariahLynnBoss. She has achieved 1.3 million followers on Instagram whereas 150.9k followers on Twitter.

A picture of Beautiful Mariahlynn.
Beautiful Mariahlynn.
Image Source: Instagram@mariahlynnboss

Puerto Rican and Italian Parents

Mariahlynn was born to Puerto Rican father Raphael Araujo and his Italian wife, Tasha Jacoby.

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