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Beautiful Maja Strojek – Polish Model Who is Generous and Jonas Brother Fan

Published Tue Apr 14 2020 By Lewis Willman
Beautiful Maja Strojek – Polish Model Who is Generous and Jonas Brother Fan

Maja Strojek is only 19 years old but she already has contracts with the world's most known modeling agencies who pay her fat cheques to appear on a variety of fashion-shows, brand promotion, and magazine covers.

So, here are a few facts about the Polish Model that you might have missed, down the line!

She is Super Fan of The Jonas Brothers & BTS

Yes! You heard it right, the 19 years old super model Strojek may like listening to other studs as well but she has a thing for BTS boys, she isn't necessarily an "Army" (reference to BTS fans), but she might have read the Army-Hand-Book twice, as she is a complete die hard fan for the smooth K-poppers.

You do uinderstand the whole #BTS thing right?
PC: Maja Strojek's IG

Moreover, the second-best choice she has isn't Justin Bieber or Zayn Malik, she loves to foot loose to Disney's favorite Treo "The Jonas Brothers".

Been To Australia, America, And Indonesia

As a professional Polish super-model, she has visited places all over the world, but places that have managed to get featured on her IG Timeline remains Australia, America and of-course the Indonesian beaches of Bali.

Guys! She is only 19, Not 21

People believe everything they see on the web, but many tabloids would have zero clue on what they'd be talking about! Same is the case with this delightful Polish teen's current age. Many tabloids claim she was born on 01 January 1997, in Chojnow, Lower Silesia, but at-least in this reality, she was born in 2001, in Wroclaw, Legnica.

Signed to Max-models Poland

If you follow Maja Strojek on her facebook then we suggest you to check the bio; she is now signed to Max-models Poland and reportedly is one of the most talked about Polish models alongside Anja Rubik, and Kasia Struss.

Though she's hot, her Net Worth will give you chills!

Maja Strojek's current net worth is around $500 thousand, which is on an upward rise for sure. current net worth is around $500 thousand, which is on an upward rise for sure.

Man! No question she is hot! So far the beautiful model has been a lead on several ramp shows. Not to mention, this 163 cm tall, figurative model with brown hair and black eyes is searched over 6000 times on Facebook every-single-day! 

Adorable Super Model Maja Strojek
Adorable Super Model Maja Strojek
PC: Model Maja Strojek- Facebook Cover Picture

Which all points to a single fact, that she is smoking-hot, but have you ever given a thought to her net worth? Well, hypothetically speaking she is probably richer than you, as she earns over $40 thousand in a single setting photo-shoot and is usually busy with tons of projects. From swim suit to lungery, she's been a go-to model from over a year, now! 

She Isn't Greedy

We have seen a lot of ramp models who don't ever give credit to their make-up artists but in this case Strojek should be considered as generous. No matter what event she graces, she credits her designers and make-up artists via her IG stories and feature posts. This is really a push to all up and coming artists, right?

Features Fan Posts On Her IG Stories

Yes! Go follow her on her official Gram and draw, paint or create Graffiti of her face, snap it and send it to her snapchat @majastrojek, if she really likes it, she would feature the art on her post, and credits your work as well. If she's not the most fan concerned celebrity, then honestly, no one out there is!

Would It Break Your Heart, if she's Dating someone?

Well, Maja Strojek is a master of disguise! She has hid the information relating to her parents, siblings and even education away from the general public. So, she might be hiding her lovelife, but as far as we know, this 19 years old IG influencer is currently single and isn't even dating any one!

Super Model Maja Strojek Out on a Weekend With her Best Buddy.
PC Super Model Maja Strojek IG

Though a lip lock with a female friend got her into trouble, but she in the caption section has clearly said the girl in the picture is her best-friend, hence she isn't a homo-sexual person! 

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