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Get to Know Maceo Williams - Jesse Williams' And His High-school Sweetheart Aryn Drake-Lee's Son

Published Fri Feb 07 2020 By Akki
Get to Know Maceo Williams - Jesse Williams' And His High-school Sweetheart Aryn Drake-Lee's Son

Maceo Williams is the only son of a Hollywood star, Jesse Williams and his former spouse Aryn Drake-Lee, a real estate broker. He is a famous celebrity kid, born in 2015.

As the birth of Williams added happiness in the family, he was named Maceo, which is means "gift of God". The word is a Spanish variation of Mathew and pronounced as MAY-see-o. 

The name had been passed over by many renowned people including the late Cuban general Antonio Maceo Grajales and American composer Maceo Pinkard.

Sibling- Sadie Williams

Sadie Williams is the eldest sister of Maceo, as she is 21 months older than him, born in 2013. She is the first child of Jesse Williams and his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee. 

Although both the siblings are at a very young age, they are emotionally attached and are a source of protection and support for one another.

A photo of Williams siblings.
Williams's siblings caught together on a photo.
Image Source: E! Online

Parents Net Worth

Maceo comes from a wealthy family and is a inheritor of millions, as his father Jesse Williams has a massive net worth of $12 million. 

He is a renowned actor and producer, very famous as Dr. Jackson Avery, a character he portrayed in the ABC show; Grey's Anatomy. He earns around $521,000 per month as recorded in the court document from his divorce procedure.

Likely, Maceo's mother, Aryn Drake-Lee has a whopping bank balance of $1 million. She succeeds to accumulate all those fortunes from her career as a real estate broker.

Following her track record, we got to know that she is highly praised by her customers and colleagues and worked as an agent for Brown Harris Stevens.

Parents Relationship 

Maceo parents are living separately following their  divorce in 2017. The pair were together over 13 years as they dated several years before they got married on the 1st of September 2012. The wedding ceremony took place in Los Angeles, California, among dear ones.

A picture of Jesse and his ex wife.
Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee came together for a photo.
Image Source: The Oprah Magazine

Looking forward to their interesting love story, the couple were friends before Jesse was famous. At the time, he used to be a school teacher when he met his future wife for the very first time. 

The duo's started to develop a feeling for one another as they learn more about each other in and out. Prior to the split, the lover's life was blessed with adorable children. 

In April 2017, Jesse filled the divorce as the couple completely gave up on their nearly five years of wedlock relationship.

Following the divorce procedure, the duo's were granted joint custody by the judge, where Jesse was ordered to pay $100,000 per month in child support and spousal support.

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