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Meet Loy Ann Hale – Tony Hale and Martel Thompson’s Daughter | Picture & Facts

Published Sun Dec 01 2019 By DGM
Meet Loy Ann Hale – Tony Hale and Martel Thompson’s Daughter | Picture & Facts

Loy Ann Hale is a celebrity child and the daughter of the famous American actor and comedian, Tony Hale with his lovely wife Martel Thompson. She was born on the 24th of February, 2006, in New York, United States.

The name 'Loy' is a boy's name name derived from German literature which means 'the chosen one'. As for the name 'Ann', it is a Latin name for girls which translates to 'grace' or 'favored'. Here are some facts about her:

Wealthy Parents

Loy Ann Hale's parents are very rich as they come from very respectable and high income generating professions. Her father, Tony Hale, holds an amazing net worth of $15 million from his successful career as a voice actor and comedian. Moreover, her mother, Martel Thompson, who is a professional makeup artist has an estimated net worth of $2 million from her fruitful career.

Lovely Relationship of Parents

The 'Arrested Development' star, Hale, walked down the aisle with his lovely wife, Thompson back in 24 May 2003. The two decided to marry after dating and knowing each other quite well. Both Tony and Martel have been supporting each other throughout their career which makes them owe their career to the other at some extent. 

A picture of Loy's parents; Tony Hale and Martel Thompson.
Loy's parents; Tony Hale and Martel Thompson.
Image Source: Celebrity Style Blog

Throughout the marriage of 16 years, the couple have only child who is daughter Loy. The family has been living very happily together as they go out on vacations and have some amazing moments on holidays whenever they manage to have free time.

Is the Only Girl to be Named 'Loy'

Did you know that Tony's daughter is the only girl to have 'Loy' as her name. Yes, she is the only girl in this entire world who carries the name. The name actually is a masculine name and intended for boys only. But her parents thought their daughter should be only one and different than the rest.

It doesn't matter for Hale whether the name of his child is of boy's or girl's, he and his wife just want their daughter to be the chosen one. Therefore, it is the reason behind giving Ann the name 'Loy'.

Helped Daddy Design His Book Character

You might not know that one of the characters in Tony's popular book 'Archibald's Next Big Thing' is actually designed by his 13 years old. Yes, she helped her daddy design the character for his book which is very popular among cartoon book readers. In fact, the character she designed is named after her 'Loy'. Isn't that cool? The author named the character of his book with the exact name as of his baby girl. This proves how much he loves his only child.

Both Mom& Dad are Emmy Award Winners

Loy Ann Hale is the daughter of the two famous celebrities who have both won Emmy Award. Her mamma, Thompson won the award for her work as a celebrity makeup artist. Talking about her father, he won the award not only once but twice for portraying Gary Walsh in the popular and hit comedy series 'Veep'. Ann really is covered up with a lot of glare of her parents' fame.

Is Embarrassed By Daddy

Like most of the children of celebrities, Hale's cute daughter also feels embarrassed by her daddy. It is because of the profession as a voice actor of her father. Whenever the little girl visits any public place like a church with her eminent father, kids often recognize him because of him voice.

A picture of Loy Ann with her father, Tony Hale.
Loy Ann with her father, Tony Hale.
Image Source: Tony Hale's Instagram

Kids recognize that Tony is the voice behind Korky of 'Toy Story 4' and often make him say some dialogues from the movie. This makes his daughter feel embarrassed because of other kids calling her the daughter of Korky as part of joke. Not only her, but her mother, also gets a pool full of embarrassment when her husband starts mimicking his character in front of random people.

Obsession With Prisons 

The 49 years old actor, Tony, has also revealed that Loy Ann Hale is obsessed with prisons and police officers. He added that she is always curious of why people go to jail and what is it like to be in one. As a matter of fact, he stated that he went on a vacation with Ann, the two really spent some time in a prison just because of the child's obsession with prisons.

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