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Lorena Cartagena - Rapper Fat Joe’s Wife and Mother of Three

Published Sun Nov 10 2019 By DGM
Lorena Cartagena -  Rapper Fat Joe’s Wife and Mother of Three

Lorena Cartagena is an American native who is famous as the lovely wife of the renown rapper and actor, Joseph Antonio Cartagena aka Fat Joe. She has been with her hubby for over two decades now.

Also known as Lola Milan, Joe's wife is a beautiful and hot model from the United States. Here are some facts about her:

Husband - Fat Joe

Lorena has been married to the Bronx born rapper Fat Joe since 1995 after dating for few months. They have been living together for 24 years and will celebrated their 25th anniversary next year. The lovebirds share three children with whom they have been living a peaceful and prosperous life.

Mother of Three

As mentioned earlier, Lola is a wonderful mother of three lovely children of Joseph Antonio and her kids include of a daughter and two sons. Joey Cartagena and Ryan Cartagena are her sons whereas Azariah Cartagena is her daughter. 

Joey is the eldest among the three, Ryan the middle and Azariah is the youngest one. She has a very beautiful bonding with all her kids and are often seen together spending their time.

A picture of Lorena's children with their father, Fat Joe.
Lorena's children with their father, Fat Joe.
Image Source: Pinterest

Not the Biological Mother of Joey

It might be a little shocking but Milan isn't actually the biological of her eldest son, Joey. Yes, he was born from the rapper's previous relationship with another woman though it has been kept secret who his actual mother is. But it doesn't seem that Joey is her step-son because he does resemble her in many manners. He bears kind moralities and behaviors just like his mom.

We also think that the 27 years old doesn't want to know who his biological mom is. Why would he when he has such a loving and caring mamma? He is truly blessed to have such an amazing mother. There are also rumors that she is also not the biological mother to son Ryan as well which may or may not be true.

Fake Rumor of Splitting With Joe

Back in 2012, several rumors spread that Lorena was about to end her marriage with the 'All the Way Up' rapper. Several sites stated that the fact they were about to split parting their ways from their 17 years old marriage at that time. They even said that the rapper was openly cheating on his wife which was leading to their divorce.

A picture of Lola Cartagena with her husband, Fat Joe.
Lola Cartagena with her husband, Fat Joe.
Image Source: Instagram@lolamilan1

The speculation and rumor regarding the separation of the two wasn't true. But it is true that they were having some trouble and tension in their marriage. But it was never true that were planning to take such a big step and end their marriage. The couple are still together and living a happy marital life with their children.

Instagram Account

Antonio's wife is also present and active on Instagram where she keeps uploading pictures and videos very often. Her account goes by the name @lolamilan1 and has achieved huge base of 177k followers. Most of the credit goes to her husband who helped her increase her followers.

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