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Lola Daisy May Taylor - Roger Taylor’s Daughter | Photos and Facts

Published Wed Oct 02 2019 By DGM
Lola Daisy May Taylor - Roger Taylor’s Daughter | Photos and Facts

Lola Daisy May Taylor also called Lola Leng-Taylor is the youngest child and daughter of the eminent drummer of the British rock band 'Queen' Roger Taylor. She was born on the 9th of April, 2000 in London England, United Kingdom.

The name 'Lola' is a feminine name of German and Spanish origin which means 'sorrows.' As for the names 'Daisy' and 'May', they are derived from English origin and mean 'day's eye' and 'month of a year.' Some facts about her are given below:

How Much Are Lola's Parents Worth?

Lola's parents are very eminent celebrities as they come from high-income generating professions. Her father Roger who is the drummer, songwriter, and singer (sometimes) of the band 'Queen' holds an estimated net worth of $250 million.

And her mother, Deborah Leng has an amazing fortune of $5 million from her successful career as an actress and model.

Parents' Relationship

Lola Daisy May Taylor's parents Roger and Debbie first met back in 1987 when Roger's band Queen's song 'Indians and Cowboys' was about to be released. The model to be featured in the music video of the song was none other than the beautiful model Deborah who was taking the world by storm at that time. 

The two started seeing each other at that time and fell in love quickly.

A picture of Lola's parents; Roger and Debbie back then.
Lola's parents; Roger and Debbie back then.
Image Source: Pinterest

The couple was together for nearly two decades before they split back in 2004. They were in a marital relationship from 1987 to 2004 and shared different beautiful and lovely moments from their togetherness. 

Taylor and Leng even gave birth to their three children; son Rufus and daughters Tigerlily and Lola from their marriage. As their relationship was slowly breaking down, they divorced in 2004 but kept on coming together as parents to raise their kids.

Two Siblings

The 23-year-old model has two siblings from her parents which consist of an elder brother Rufus Tiger Taylor and an elder sister Tiger Lilly Taylor

Brother Rufus is a successful drummer from the rock band 'The Fearless' whereas sister Tiger Lily is also a beautiful and gorgeous fashion model like her. The two sisters have even modeled along their elder half-sister Rory at the event of Tatler magazine.


Not only siblings, Daisy also has two half-siblings from his father and his first wife Dominique Beynard. Both of her half-siblings are older than her and are a brother and sister. 

Brother Felix Luther Taylor is a drummer, actor, and author and sister Rory Eleanor Taylor is a doctor by profession. 

A picture of Lola's half-siblings with their mother Dominique Beynard.
Lola Daisy May Taylor's half-siblings with their mother Dominique Beynard.
Image Source: Pinterest

Wrote and Performed Song With Her Elder Brother

It was back in 2015 when May surprised people by collaborating with her elder half-brother Felix to write and perform the opening song of 'The Solitary', a 2015 movie played by Felix and their step-mom Sarina Taylor. The duo of siblings looked so great together and was appreciated by people very much.

Carries Her Mother's Surname

Lola Daisy May Taylor carries her maternal mamma's surname as her maiden name. As you might have noticed her name Lola Leng-Taylor has Leng along with the surname Taylor. 

Well, Leng is actually her mamma's surname and Taylor is her father's. So, she is pretty lucky to carry both of her parents' names as her own.

A picture of Lola Leng Taylor with her elder sisters.
Lola Leng Taylor with her elder sisters.
Image Source: Pinterest

Instagram Account

If you want to keep yourself updated about what the beautiful actress is doing in her day-to-day life, you might be glad to follow her on Instagram. She is presented by the name@lolaltaylor and has a huge fan following of 38k followers.

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