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Get to Know Liz Shanahan - Michael Symon's Wife Who is a Chef

Published Sun May 16 2021 By sonalama
Get to Know Liz Shanahan - Michael Symon's Wife Who is a Chef

Liz Shanahan was born on the 30th of march in the late 1960s in Georgia U.S.A. She met Michael Symon in the early '90s while working in the same place.

After she graduated her high school, she decided not to join college and started working in many restaurants as she wanted to explore her culinary arts. Now, she helps her husband in their business management and is working alongside Michael.

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Husband - Michael Symon

                                 Liz Shanahan with her husband Michael Symon.                                                                 Image Source: Instagram/(@chefsymon)

Liz Shanahan was already a married woman and had a son named Kyle when she met Michael Symon. They both worked at the same place and started dating after a while. She was a single mom and had been raising her son alone. 

Michael and Liz decided to tie the Knot on November 1, 1998. It was her second marriage and now the couple is happily living their life with their son Kyle.

Who is Michael Symon?

Symon is a famous American chef and a television personality as well. He works as the face of his restaurant business and also has worked in many reality food shows like Iron Chef America, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Food Feuds. 

Also, he has been working as a host in the television series "Burgers, Brew& Que" since 2015.

                        In Frame: Michael Symon                         
Image Source: Food Network

Furthermore, the chef has been awarded many awards and has also achieved Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host.

Professional Career

Liz with her husband Michael opened their very first restaurant "Lola" in Cleaveland's trendy Tremont in February 1997. The restaurant was a huge success and was listed as one of the Best Restuarant in Gourment Magazine in its 2000 October issue. After that, they again opened their second restaurant "Lolita" after a year.

 Similarly, they started several restaurants like Mabel like Mabel's BBQ, Lola, Lolita, Bar Symon, Roast, BSpot, and Angeline across the country. The couple has been managing their restaurant business in recent years.

Social Media Presence

                              Michael cooking with his granddaughter 'Emmy'.                                                        Image Source: Instagram/(@chefsymon)

Liz rarely uploads any pictures in her Instagram account @lizsymon whereas her husband is a social media person. He keeps sharing his cooking tips, dishes, and mainly about his Granddaughter, Emmy. 

He loves spending time with his granddaughter and keeps uploading her pictures on his Instagram account. You can check out his account to know any further information.

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