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Facts About Liz Sagal That You Might Want to Know

Published Thu Aug 01 2019 By Akki
Facts About Liz Sagal That You Might Want to Know

If you guys have watched the 80's American sitcom "Double Trouble" then you must be familiar with the star Liza Sagal, who played the role of Allison Foster, a twin to Kate Foster. 

Liz is also a screenwriter and film editor, where she is widely known for her work as an executive story editor for 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place'.

Liza Sagal aka Elizabeth Sagal was born on October 9, 1961, Los Angeles, California to Boris Sagal and Sara Zwilling.

Here are 10 facts about her:

What's her Net Worth? 

Liz Sagal has an impressive net worth of $700,000 and her main source of income is her profession as an actress, screenwriter, and film editor. 

The average salary for an actor/actress in America is around $50,000 as stated in PayScale, whereas an actress can earn from $19k to $171k depending upon their role and stardom.

Liz Sagal got on the camera while watching movie with her brother and nephew.
Liz Sagal with her brother Gergg and nephew in a picture together.
Image Source: Insta@lizsagal

Brands and Endorsement 

Being a prominent actress, Liza has been involved in the advertisement and campaigns of products for a number of global leading brands. She appeared as "Doublemint Twins" along with her twin sister Jean in the 1983 Doublemint Gum Commercial. Sagal twins also worked in an ad campaign for McDonald's.

Lavish House in LA

Liz Sagal lives in a luxurious house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California with her family.  According to Zillow, report the average cost for a house in Hollywood Hills sides is no less than $200,000.

Bruce Grayson - Husband 

The man behind Liz Sagal's smile is no other than her husband Bruce Grayson, who is one of the prominent Hollywood make-up artists. 

Bruce Grayson caught on camera while doing his work.
Bruce Grayon a Hollywood make-up artist.
Image Source: yahoo

The lovebird is living a happily married life without any controversies and scandals regarding extramarital affairs.

Great Dad Boris Sagal

The Banshee writer, Liza Sagal is the daughter of a Ukrainian-American television and film director Boris Sagal. He was widely known for movies and TV shows like; The Omega Man (1971), 
The Name of the Game, and Masada.

Boris died at the age of 57 accidentally by helicopter blade in the set of World War III (1982) on May 22, 1981, in Oregon, USA.

Four Siblings 

Liz Sagal has four siblings; three sisters 'Jean Sagal', 'Katey Sagal', and 'Joey Sagal', and a half-brother Gregg Champion, who they all active in the entertainment industry. 

Jean is the twin sister to Liza, whereas Katey and Joey are elder sisters her. 

Sagal Twins poses for a picture.
Sagal Twins caught on the camera.
Image Source: Getty Images

Gregg Champion was born on November 20, 1956, to Marge Champion with her former husband Gower Champion. 


The Flashdance actress is the Stepdaughter of an American dancer and choreographer, Marge Champion. Boris Sagal, a father of Liz married Marge 2 years later, after the death of Sara Zwilling on September 1, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, United States. 

Pet Lover 

Sagal is an avid pet lover, like her husband Bruce Grayson, and the couple is mostly seen doing weird stuff with their dogs; Moe & Otto. She loves to take her pets on the set of her work, stalking her social sites, we can find most of her pictures and video posts of her dogs.  

While checking some of her Instagram pictures, there was a picture of her dogs wearing scarves and bindis, where they looked so cute staring at the camera.

Liz taking a picture of her pets for Instagram post.
Moe & Otto caught on camera of Liz Sagal.
Image Source: Insta@lizsagal


Liz made her first acting debut in 1982 in the musical drama movie "Grease 2" as Sorority Girl along with her twin sister Jean. After that, she got her next role as Sunny in the musical romance film Flashdance (1983). Later on, she appeared in severalGrayson movies including the comedy hit film Howard the Duck (1986).

Social Media 

The Grease 2 actress, Sagal is fully active on her social sites, where she has 1509 followers on her Instagram account @lizsagal and 179 followers on her Twitter account @klause2000. She posts a beautiful picture of herself including pets, family, and work, updating her fans and well-wishers.

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