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About Lisa Villegas - Facts About This Former CBS Reporter Who is A Vegan

Published Sun Dec 13 2020 By Aashika
About Lisa Villegas - Facts About This Former CBS Reporter Who is A Vegan

Lisa Villegas is known as a meteorologist who has worked for KOLD/KMSB TV. She previously worked at CBS 11 as a weekday and weekend morning reporter. 

On 11th June 1988, Villegas was born to her parents' Joe Villegas and his wife in Texas. She attended Kaplan College located in San Antonio, later graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a bachelor’s degree in Meteorology in 2010. 

Here are some unknown and interesting facts about Villegas.

What's Her Net Worth?

Lisa Villegas's net worth is estimated at $2 million whereas her salary is $62 thousand per annum. She has been making her income from her career as a Chief Meteorologist for KOLD/ KMSB television station.

At the beginning of her career, the meteorologist worked at a local Tv station and later got an opportunity on CBS television as a weather reporter.

She worked in several other television channels, KRGV and KLFY TV10 as a meteorologist. 

Lisa Villegas working for KOLD/ KMSB television station.
Image Source: FlickPrime 

Reason Behind Leaving CBS TV Network

The television personality has to leave CBS 11 due to one small mistake. While working with a network, she posted a picture on social media where she has worn a low cut mini dress that was very form-fitting. 

From the company, she was approached to remove it because the picture may hamper the company image. By listening to negative comments, Villegas removed that photo within 48 hrs. After having criticism, she decided to leave the television station. 

Relationships or Love Affairs

32 years old, Lisa Villegas is single in relationship status and is not dating anyone yet. Furthermore, her name has not been linked up with any guy. She is currently focusing on her career to be more successful and has dedicated her time to it.

Follows Pure Vegan Fooding Habit

Few people don't know that she is a pure vegan. Villegas has also posted a picture on her Twitter account and supporting the 'Love Vegan' advertisement. Likewise, she loves eating fruits, vegetables, and food made from rice and flour. 

It is amazing that to know, the chief metrologist doesn't wear leather shoes and jackets, don't wear creams made of milk, often don't eat ice creams, milk, and yogurt.

A picture of Lisa Villegas wearing an 'I Love Vegan' print t-shirt. 
Image Source: Twitter

Travelling and Adventures 

Lisa adores traveling and planning excursions climbing and traveling. She visits numerous places in the United States such as Arizona, US Virgin Island, and many more. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the wanderlust (a person who loves traveling) wants to visit historical nations, Egypt, and Greece, later on, wants to make experiences like Bunjee and Swing.

Loves Animals

She is fond of animals and owns a dog which she named "Biscuit". On the Instagram account, we can see the picture of the Steelers and Penguins. The main motive for being a member of the 'Love Vegan' campaign is to protect the animals. 

Featuring her pet 'Biscuit' on social media. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Social Media 

Not only famous on television, but Lisa Villegas is also quite a known person on social media. She is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the user name @WxVillegas. She has followers of more than 38.5K, 15.6K, and 10.8K respectively.  

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