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Facts About Lisa Joyner - Jon Cryer's Wife and Actress

Published Wed Aug 07 2019 By DGM
Facts About Lisa Joyner - Jon Cryer's Wife and Actress

Lisa Joyner is an American television host and entertainment reporter who is known for hosting the popular TV series 'Long Lost Family' alongside Chris Jacobs.

Lisa was born on the 31st of December, 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland of the United States. She is the wife of the famous American actor and the 'Two and a Half Men' star Jon Cryer

Here are the 10 facts about Lisa Joyner:

What's his Net Worth?

In 2019, Sarah's net worth is estimated at $14 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. She has made the most of her fortune from successful career as a television personality and some from her acting career.

Joyner's husband, Jon holds a whopping net worth of $65 million from his acting profession. So far the couple has managed to accumulate a combined net worth of nearly $80 million. Now that's what we should learn to have couple girls from.

Jon Cryer's Wife

The 52 years old reporter is married to Jon Cryer aka Alan Harper of the 'Two and a Half Men'. The two tied the knot back in 2007 and has been a very lovely relationship then. There haven't been any rumors of conflicts and controversies in their relationship. 

The couple parent their 9 years old daughter Daisy and has been taking excellent care of her.

A picture of Lisa Joyner with her husband, Jon Cryer.
Lisa Joyner with her husband, Jon Cryer.

Daughter - Daisy Cryer

As we mentioned earlier, Lisa is a mother of cute little daughter Daisy Cryer who is often seen featuring on her mamma's Instagram. She was born on the 11th of August, 2009 and is turning 10 soon. We could not wait to see the lavish birthday celebration that the child is going to have next week. 

A picture of Daisy Cryer with her parents.
Daisy Cryer with her parents.

Besides Daisy, Joyner is the step-mother of her son Charlie Austin Cryer from her husband Jon and her ex-wife, Sarah Trigger.

Her Husband Was Tried to be Killed

Back in 2009, news came that Sarah, Jon's ex-spouse, tried to kill him by hiring her former boyfriend Eddie Sanchez as hitman. Not only Cryer, but she also planned to murder David Dickey, who's the current husband of Trigger. 

When asked, Trigger clearly denied the fact and blamed on Eddie whereas he stated that it was all her plan to kill both men. Joyner's husband nearly died after being attacked while shooting on set afterwards which he demanded high security.

Lisa Was Adopted

The interesting fact about the former KTTV news reporter is that she was adopted. Yes, she was adopted by a family and she is grateful of them for the fact that they gave her their surname and an identity. She never forgets that she was adopted and is thankful for god that she is adopted. 

Adopted a Daughter

You would be surprised to know that the cute little princess of Cryer was adopted by her parents and therefore she isn't their biological child. Because Lisa is an Adoptee, she thinks that people should adopt children who are homeless and waiting for parents instead of giving birth to one. 

Hence, she and her loving hubby adopted Daisy and made her their daughter. Despite being adopted, the soon-to-be 10 years old baby loves her parents and of course, she is the apple of her parents's eyes.

Made a Birthday Cake For Daisy

The 'America's Sweethearts' actress celebrated her daughter's 9 birthday last year with a big birthday bash. She made a huge birthday cake for her daughter which looked so perfect and tasty by seeing the picture. 

Take a look at the picture below and see the awesome birthday cake that she made for her baby:

Don't forget that Daisy is turning 10 next week, we are assured to admire a lavish birthday party of her this time too.

Mistaking Husband As Gay

It might sound funny but it is actually true that the mother of Daisy mistook her husband for being a gay first. This is because she said that when they were in the beginning phase of their relationship, Jon never kissed her. 

And hearing rumors that he was gay from some of the critics, she also though that her spouse was a gay indeed which is a seriously funny thing.

Dog Lover

The beautiful television host is a avid dog lover and has a very deep love for them. She even has reared two terrier dogs whom she often shows to her fans on her social media. 

In some pictures, they are sleeping and having fun whereas in some, they are being hugged by their owner. They are really blessed to have a loving and caring owner like her!

A picture of Lisa Joyner with her dog.
Lisa Joyner with her dog.

Social Sites

Lisa Joyner is active on both Twitter and Instagram. She has gained a total of 5,941 followers on Instagram with 1,040 posts till date. Moreover, her Twitter account has amassed 3,537 followers and has 1,410 tweets.

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