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Lindsey Stirling’s All Relationship - She Dated With Ryan Weed and Devin Graham

Published Tue Sep 29 2020 By Aashika
Lindsey Stirling’s All Relationship - She Dated With Ryan Weed and Devin Graham

Violinist Lindsey Stirling is currently single and has not married yet. She was in a relationship with Ryan Wedd for almost two and a half years. She had also a love affair with filmmaker Devin Graham.

Here is some information about Lindsey Stirling's love life that every die-heart fan and people are curious about. 

Current Relationship

Stirling is living a single relationship status. In her past, she has dated two men but can't go so far. At the age of 34, she has not been in a love life/married and enjoying it as a single. A violinist is focusing on making a more successful career and dedicating her valuable time to her dreams. 

Ex-Boyfriend: Ryan Weed

In May 2016, 'Drew Steen' band's violinist was in a relationship with Ryan Weed. Her ex works for the independent fragrance house, Carlston, Co. in LA. They were a lovely couple. In fact, in late June, Weed wished Stirling their first dating anniversary through his Instagram account and captioning.

"Started dating this hottie one year ago today. We've learned and grown so much together and I'm so grateful for her. But Tinder is calling my name so I'm afraid I'll have to let her go soon," he joked at the time. 

Unfortunately, his joke turned into reality and the two got separated within two and a half years. 

Lindsey Stirling with Ryan Wedd.
Image Source: Reality Tv World

Revealed  Ended Love Life on TV Show

Lindsey Stirling revealed sad news of the break up with Ryan Weed on last night's new 'Dancing With the Stars' episode. After living for almost two and a half years together, it was a very hard time for Stirling.  

She can't handle that pain and shared it to her pro partner Mark Ballas in their rehearsal footage which later shown in the show. She told him "Breakups are horrible, I get it", where Mark replied to her, "The worst". Lindsey also stated "I want to have a family and I thought I was almost ready to go to that next phase," and she said of the split. 

Dated with Devin Graham

Before dating Weed, Youtuber was dating Devin Graham, a filmmaker, and director. Both were the student of university and church. They started dating while they were filming 'Crystallize'. The two couldn't take their love life so far and ended their both personal and professional relationship.  

Lindsey with her then-boyfriend Devin Graham.
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