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Lindi Nunziato - Know About Her Body Changes, Surgeries and Piercing

Published Sun Nov 29 2020 By pratikshya
Lindi Nunziato - Know About Her Body Changes, Surgeries and Piercing

Lindi Nunziato is popular as an American model and bodybuilder. She is mostly famous among youth for her body fitness and a huge number of followers on her Instagram account. 

On 2nd September 1987, Nunziato opened her eyes for the first time in the United States of America.  She has participated in numerous bodybuilding competitions and also won titles like Miami Muscle Beach Pro and the Pittsburgh Championships. 

Here are some amazing facts about Nunziato:

What's Her Net Worth? 

Model Nunziato has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She has earned this massive net worth through her modeling career. Her annual salary is around $70,000. 

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Also, her other source of income is from a Brand promotion on her social media account through which she surely adds extra numbers to her net worth. 


Lindi Nunziato is living a happy single life not having any affairs and staying fully busy focusing on a modeling career. She likes to keep her personal information under the curtain. 

Fitness Freak 

Looking at her Instagram account she has well maintained her body. At the age of 24, she started a career as Miss August for the clothing line 'Skinny Bhudda' where she had to maintain her body thin and lean. 

Later, joined and won two reputed bodybuilding competitions: "Miami Muscle Beach Pro" and "Pittsburgh Championships." And the secret behind her perfect-looking body is yoga and gym. 

Lindi Nunziato in the gym hall doing weight lifting.
Image Source: Youtube 

Several Times Surgery 

Bodybuilder Lindi has transformed a lot throughout her profession from modeling. Whether it be her breasts or her buttocks, it looks different than a normal picture. Her transformed figure which she obtained after spending $53,000 on procedures, including three times boobs jobs.

The mirror picture of  Lindi Nunziato where we can see the size of Boobs and Buttocks. 
Image Source: Twitter

Lips Filler 

Not only her body, but Nunziato has also done lip fillers and enhanced her lips. Her lip used to be thin after enhanced her lip it looks pretty suitable for her face. 

A picture of the model's lip before and after her lip filling. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Regret Doing Body Surgeries

The well-known social influencer has done her first surgeries when was just 19 years old. Looking at her dream animated chartered Jessica Rabbit's body, she wants large breasts like her and went through the pain of surgeries of enhancement on her breast size. 

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During her interview, she warned young girls "Do your research, Don't do it for attention or social media" before getting any cosmetic surgery. 


The sexy model has inked multiple tattoos on her body. She has inked leaves on her hips and pictures of 90's actress Madona on her right hand. Her left hand is full of tattoos of Angles and feathers, an Animal picture on her leg. 

Lindi Nunziato's tattoos on her arms. 
Image Source: Pinterest


She has belly button piercings that go nicely with her swimsuit. While posing for her photoshoot, Nunziato looks absolutely stunning with it. 

Dog Lover 

Instagram star is very close to her dog. She has one little dog with a Pomeranian breed named Gucci. She usually posts her photo with Gucci on her social media account and seems to spend time on vacations. 

Social Media 

Nunziato is active on the social media platform. She has over 3.4M followers on her Instagram account with verification blue marking the username@lmonies. Twitter with around 4k username @NunziatoLindi.

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