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Facts About Lilan Bowden - Get to Know Her

Published Tue Apr 12 2022 By sijal
Facts About Lilan Bowden - Get to Know Her

Lilan Bowden is a Disney TV star famed as a Hollywood actress and comedian. Bowden is now working as a filmmaker and a producer. With her joyful screen presentation and cheerful face, she is able to get the attention of the media and public.

Alice Lilan Bowden professionally known as Lilan Bowden was born on September 1, 1985, in Castro Valley, California, the United States as the daughter of Japanese mother Shiou and American father Ivor Bowden.

How did Lilan spend her childhood days?

The fictional character Rebecca in the movie Bex Mack always imagined herself being a movie actress and her mother also supported her dream of being part of the Hollywood world. She was raised alongside her younger brother Jason Bowden.

 For achieving formal level education she joined Castro Valley High School where she used participant in comedy clubs and dancing stages. After getting graduated in 2002 she joined a reputed University of California where she studied theater acting and dramas.

Lilan's Professional Career as a Hollywood actress

Becoming Eddie actress started her acting career as a comedian in the group Upright Citizens Brigade from where she got many good feedbacks about her work and acting talent. 

Similarly, after working as a comedian for years she finally got to do the series, Gullible Gil, as the fictional character Jane, Bex Mack as Rebecca. 

Lilan Bowden picture with her mother when she was a little girl wearing a black hat yellow jacket and a pink flower in her head
Lilan Bowden with her mother Shiou when she was a child. source: Instagram @yourfriendlilan

Further after doing a bunch of series, Bowden finally started her journey in the Hollywood movie industry. Six and the USA, Zombie Apocalypse, The Odd Essay, Mr. Roosevelt, Lifeline, Princess and the Pony, Keeping Company, and many more are the top movies included in Lilan's acting career.

What's your relationship status of Lilan? Is she married or single?

Talking about the relationship status of Alice Lilan Bowden AKA Lilan Bowden she is happily in a relationship with her boyfriend Nick Mandernach. Nick is a well-known writer and has written many series which include Gregg & Becca, Comedy Bang! Bang!, I Feel Bad, and many more.

 The couple met back on a movie set and instantly fall for each other. They were not really sure about their relationship but later in December when Nick posted their picture together their relationship got officially confirmed. 

Lilan Bowden with her boyfriend Nick on a date wearing a black coat
Lilan Bowden with her boyfriend Nick Mandernach. source: Instagram @yourfriendlilan

The Total Earnings of Lilan Bowden as an Actress

The Muderville movie actress Lilan Bowden is active in doing social work as well in which she has volunteered for many needy and has provided money and shelter. Not only she is busy doing series, movies, and shows she also has an interest in modeling.

The total estimated net worth of Lilan Bowden is $2.5 million dollars as of 2022. Bowden charged up to $100,000 for doing a movie or series on a monthly basis.

Lilan's Body measurements

Lilan Bowden's body and whole facial structure are just beyond simplicity. She usually loves to be in her natural form rather than wearing heavy makeup. 

Talking about her measurements she is 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a moderate weight of 57 kg. Her body shape mostly resembled a pear. Even though she is almost in her 40s Lilan has great maintenance over her body and health.

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