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Lila Bennington - Late Chester Bennington’s Daughter With Ex-Spouse Talinda Bennington

Published Tue Oct 08 2019 By DGM
Lila Bennington - Late Chester Bennington’s Daughter With Ex-Spouse Talinda Bennington

Lila Bennington is the daughter of the famous American singer, late Chester Bennington with his ex-wife Talinda Bennington. She was born on the 11th of November, 2011, along with her twin sister, Lily in the United States.

The name 'Lila' is a name for girls derived from Arabic origin and means 'night.' Here are some facts about her:

Father Was A Millionaire

Lila's father Chester Bennington used to have an estimated net worth of $30 million from his successful music career. His work in his band as a singer and songwriter helped him gather such an impressive worth in an incredible way.

How Was Her Parents' Relationship?

Lila Bennington's parents Chester Bennington and Talina Bentley or Bennington were married for twelve years before the singer's death tore them apart. The couple tied the knot back in 2005 shortly after Chester's divorce with Samantha Marie Olit was finalized. 

During the marriage of over one year, the lovebirds shared some lovely moments and three children; son Tyler and twins; Lila and Lily. However, the couple was separated after the sudden death of the 'Linkin Park' frontman.

A picture of Lila's parents Chester Bennington and Talinda Bennington.
Lila Bennington's parents Chester Bennington and Talinda Bennington.
Image Source: Instagram@talinda320

Siblings - Tyler and Lily

The 7 years old daughter of Chester has two siblings from her parents. She has an elder brother Tyler Lee Bennington who was born in 2006. Furthermore, she has a twin sister Lily Bennington who was born with her at the same time.

Three Half Siblings

Keeping the siblings aside, Lila Bennington also has three half-siblings from his father and his other relationships. Jaime Bennington and Isaiah Bennington are her elder half-brothers from his his father and his ex-girlfriend Elka Brand. 

Draven Sebastian Bennington is her elder brother as well but from Chester' former spouse Samantha Marie Olit. As they are twins, they have a lot in common more than face.

A picture of Lila with her all five siblings.
Lila with her all five siblings.
Image Source: Instagram@talinda320

Daddy Committed Suicide

It was in July 20, 2017 when news broke out that the American singer passed away by taking his own life. He was found dead in his apartment in Palos Verdes Estates, California by hanging himself to the ceiling of his bedroom. His wife, Talinda said that he was battling depression and mental illness for over a decade which made him take his own life.

A picture of Late singer Chester Bennnington.
Late singer Chester Bennnington.
Image Source: Pitchfork

The tragic death of Bennington had a huge impact on his family. Luckily, Lila and Lily were a bit young so that didn't affected them a lot but as they grow, they are going to feel it for sure.

After the passing of the legend, his wife has been totally involved in movement for stopping people from suicide. She along with her kids have been strongly motivating people who feel depressed to open up their problems to their closed ones.

Knows Snowboarding

You may believe it or not but Talinda's daughter Lila Bennington has already learnt snowboarding and is pretty good at it. She often goes snowboarding with her mamma and all siblings. She rides the snowboard as if she is a professional athlete. 

Her mamma has posted some videos on her Instagram where the adorable cutie can be seen snowboarding without any problem. Well, it seems like she is one heck of a quick when it comes to learning things. 

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