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Lena Headey's Net Worth is $19 Million Now - But Was Bankrupt and Had Just $5 Once

Published Fri Sep 27 2019 By aisha
Lena Headey's Net Worth is $19 Million Now - But Was Bankrupt and Had Just $5 Once

Lena Headey is an American actress who is widely known after her role in Games Of Thrones (20-20) as Cersei Lannister has a net worth $19 million. 

Lena is the highest-paid actress in the series Game Of Thrones while she also has a successful career through her movies like The Purge, 300, Aberdeen, Dredd and more. 

Headey has won 4 Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Golden Globe Award nominee for the character Cersei Lannister, and 2 Saturn Award for best actress on television.  

How She Got Huge Net Worth? 

The 45 years old Headey 300, The Purge, Dredd, The Remains of the day, Fighting with my family, Aberdeen and many more. The actress has done many ads campaigns and endorsement which has helped her to gather the net worth.  

Earning from movies 

Lena Headey started her acting career since 1992 and has gathered a huge amount of money from her movies. Lena's top-grossing movies are 300 which collected $210,614,939 worldwide where her salary was $2 million, 300: Rise of an Empire collected $106,580,051 worldwide where she received $1.5 million as salary.

The Purge which is a Thriller/Horror movie was able to collect $64,473,115 where Lena got $1 million. By looking at the income from Lena's movies there is no doubt that she is able to collect this huge net worth.  

How much did Lena earn through Game Of Thrones?

Lena Headey as Cersie Lannister
Lena Headey as Cersie Lannister
Image Source: The National

Game Of Thrones which is a series about a war between the kingdom for the iron throne has been able to accumulate $85 billion from the show which is a lot. Lena, who is known as the ruthless queen and the main cast of the show earned $300,000 per episode at the very beginning.

Later at the shows season 5 and season 6 the earning was raised up to $1.2 million for Lena as well as Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Peter Dinklage. 

In the last season of the show which was of total 432 minutes, Lena was seen about 25 minutes for which she charged $69,000 every minute. Lena earned $1,725,000 in last season 8 for which she appeared in only 3 episodes. The show was the main reason for Lena from which she was able to accumulate an amazing amount of money.  

Sold house in $2 million  

Lena's house
Lena's house
Image Source: Los Angeles Times

In 2014, Lena Headey bought a house in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles which was worth $790,000 that features 6,744 square foot with 5 bedrooms, walls of windows, fireplace in the living room, sliding glass doors, with landscaped grounds, a saltwater pool, and an outdoor pool with tall privacy hedges.  

Having an amazing interior design the actress listed the house for $1.95 million in July which is double the actual price. The amazing fact is that the house sold for $2.5 million which is even higher than the price she has listed. 

Brands & endorsement 

Being a beautiful actress, Lena has done many ads campaigns and commercials for different brands and for her movies. She has been endorsed by several companies to promote their brand clothes, ornaments, and others. 

In 2017, Lena provided her voice for Mercedes A-Class and has appeared in Superbowls television commercials. 

Cars owned by Lena 

Headey rides many expensive cars like Mercedes worth $41,400 - $83,800, Jeep Liberty worth $21,695, Lexus Lx 470 worth $86,230 and Toyota Prado which is worth $54,970 – 66,990. 

Went bankrupt from divorce 

Lena with her ex husband Peter
Lena with her ex-husband Peter.
Image Source:

Cersei who was married to Mad King, Robert on screen in Game Of Thrones is married in real life TWICE. She was married to Peter Paul Loughran (2007-2013) who was a stylist, photographer, and musician. 

Being the highest-paid actress on television Lena nearly went bankrupt once while battling a divorce with Peter. It was said that she had only $5 in her bank account but with her shows and movies, she was able to regain her wealth in no time.

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