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8 Facts About Lee Min-ki – South Korean Actor, Singer and Model

Published Thu Nov 28 2019 By DGM
8 Facts About Lee Min-ki – South Korean Actor, Singer and Model

Lee Min-ki is a famous South Korean actor, model, and singer who is known for playing popular television dramas like 'Because This Is My First Life' and 'The Beauty Inside'. He also appeared as a guest role in the 10th episode of 2018 hit drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?'

Min-ki was born on the 16th of January, 1985, in Gimhae, South Korea. Here are some facts about him:

What's His Net Worth?

The 'Play my way' singer Lee Min-ki holds an amazing net worth of $3 million from his successful career as an actor, model and singer. His work in movies, television shows, and singing are the core pillars of his wonderful fortune.

Served in Military

As majority of the celebrities of South Korea do, the Gimhae born star has also been in the military and served his nation for about two years. 3He began his mandatory military service back in August 7, 2014 where he worked as a public service worker for 20 months. He was discharged from his military service on August, 2016.

A picture of Lee Min-ki in military uniform.
Lee Min-ki has served his nation in mandatory military service.
Picture Courtesy: Live Journal

Like most of the stars, Lee also chose to serve his nation at his late 20s. He even did it earlier than others because other people tend to do the service at their 30s after they make quite a career for themselves. And now when he is free of his military duties, he is totally focused towards his profession.

Confused with Footballer with Same Name

Lee Min-ki is often confused with the national footballer of South Korea who has exactly the same. As their names are similar, people often mistake the actor and singer as the footballer and the footballer to the 'Flower Band' star. But it will be clear that they are two different person if you check about individually.

Sexual Harassment Controversy

Back in February 29, 2018, news came out that a woman filed a report against Min-ki claiming that he sexually harassed her. The woman was one of the women from Busan club he met two days earlier. It came out that the actor had some slight misunderstanding with the lady which created a huge controversy.

After the police completed their detailed investigation regarding the matter, they stated that Min-ki wasn't involved in any such activity and cleared him without any charges. The police department stated that they hoped that misunderstanding like that wouldn't occur in the future and apologized the actor and his agency.

Canine Lover

The 34 years old actor is an avid canine lover and has a deep love for dogs and puppies. Whenever he gets break from shoot, he is seen grabbing his terrier and a black fur baby. If his pet dogs aren't around, he socializes with the one that he can find. We can see a lot of pictures of him petting poochs and puppies from which we can say that he absolutely loves the best friend of human.

A picture of Lee Min-ki is a dog lover.
Lee Min-ki is a dog lover.

Education - Alma Mater

Talking about Lee's education, the 'Love Truly' star completed his university level education from two different universities. Yes, he went to Daekyeung University for his formal education and Konkuk University to the achieve the degree in film arts. It is how he started leaning towards the acting career.

Physical Measurements

Min-ki stands tall at a height of 1.83 m (6 feet) with a body mass of around 68 kg (150 pounds). He has a muscular physique along with natural black hair with dark brown eyes.

A picture of Lee Min-ki.
Lee Min-ki is a South Korean actor.
Image Source: Pinterest

Instagram Account

Lee Min-ki has an account which is created and managed by his agency which goes by the name @xgo_odx and has gained 222k followers. The account is the home to latest pictures and videos of the gorgeous actor and the projects that he involves. You can check the account for sure if you like to see more of the actor.

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