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8 Facts About LaVar Ball’s Net Worth - Mansions, Car and Business Owner

Published Tue Jul 02 2019 By DGM
8 Facts About LaVar Ball’s Net Worth - Mansions, Car and Business Owner

LaVar Ball is an American businessman and former professional football player who holds a thrilling net worth of 6 million dollars. He accumulates such a huge net worth from his career as a businessman.

LaVar is also the CEO of the Big Baller Brand from which he generates a high amount of dollars. Besides that, he also stars in the hit American web television series 'Ball in the Family'.

Founder and The CEO of Big Baller Brand

First and foremost, LaVar Ball is the CEO of an American company 'Big Baller Brand'. It is a company that designs, manufactures and sells clothes and shoes for players and sportsperson. 

It was founded by LaVar Ball along with Alan Foster in 2016 and is consistently bringing out new top notch sneakers for sports and games. If you are interested in buying some sporting stuffs, then you can head to their website and check them out.

A picture of basketball sneaker manufactured by Big Baller Brand.
A basketball sneaker manufactured by Big Baller Brand.

The company manufactures and produces signature shoes for all three sons of Ball; Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo. As these players have a huge fanbase, it is sure that most of them get inspired by their shoes and so they also eventually them. Same is the case with clothing line, the company is able to sell a large amount of clothes and sporting accessories to it customers which helps it to earn a large amount of profit. Hence, we can assure that LaVar bags a good amount of cash from the business.

LaVar's Rolls-Royce Car

The father of three and his wife was gifted a Black Rolls-Royce as a Christmas present by their eldest son, Lonzo Ball back in 2017. Lonzo made a good use of his $6 million salary from the Lakers and gifted his parents the expensive car. The car usually costs a amount around $350,000 which is a very big amount in itself.

 But as we know that the elder son of LaVar earns a huge amount, it isn't a big deal for him to gift his parents such a costly car.

A picture of LaVar Ball's Rolls-Royce gifted by his eldest son, Lonzo Ball.
LaVar Ball was gifted a Black Rolls-Royce from his eldest son, Lonzo as a Christmas gift in 2017.

Income As a Star of The TV Series

Besides being a successful businessman, LaVar is also a TV personality and is the star of the hit American television web series "Ball in the Family". The show stars him along with his family; his three sons and wife, Tina Ball and is 95% liked by the google users. The show features the professional as well as personal lives of all the Ball family members. Ball has earned paychecks worth tens of thousands as a star of the series which was aired on Facebook. As the social platform paid a lot of money to him, he has generated quite a huge fortune, hasn't he?

Owner of Lavish Mansions

The millionaire man has also invested his money in real estate and has bought some of the finest mansions that money can afford. He owns a lavish mansion in Chino Hills, California which is worth $5.2 million. He bought the mansion along with the Big Baller Brand and his son, the former Lakers guard Lonzo. 

LaVar Ball's mansion is worth $5.2 million.

Lonzo's father also owns a 16,000 square feet mansion in US which is also worth millions. So, it is very obvious to have such a huge fortune. 

Football & Basketball Player 

LaVar also had a football as wellscareer before he involved in the Basketball and Brand business. He was a good quarterback at California's Canoga Park High School. After that he also began a career in Basketball when he played college Basketball for West Los Angeles Colleges in the low-tier Western State Conference. He had a good career as a starting forward for the NCAA Division I from the Washington State and Cal State Los Angeles for the NCAA Division II along his three brothers. Ball's earning journey begun from his career as football and basketball player.

Brand Endorsement

Being the founder and the CEO of the Big Baller Brand, the 51 years old (as of June 2019) LaVar has to surely do various brand endorsement activities. He endorses every products that his brand manufactures. From basketball sneakers to clothing line, he endorses all of them. The brand surely has to pay large paychecks, probably thousands of dollars to Ball for all the endorsement he does.

Junior Basketball Association

Lavar, who has had a controversy with President Donald Trump has also founded a basketball league Junior Basketball Association in 2017 under the sponsorship of his Big Baller Brand. The league consists of 8 teams paying each player $3000 per month and 60 percent of the jersey sales of their name and number. Since, the budget of the league is very high, the director and commissioner earns a good deal of money without any doubt.

Rich Sons

LaVar Ball is the father of three rich basketball players. His eldest son, Lonzo has a net worth of $10 million and his middle son, LiAngelo is worth $4 million. Last but not the least, his youngest son, LaMelo holds a fortune of $4 million as well. Hence, the millionaire himself is the father of three millionaires which is definitely a big plus to his net worth.

A picture of LaVar Ball with his three sons.
LaVar Ball is a millionaire father of millionaire sons. Image Credit: The Undefeated

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