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Lauren Przybyl Net Worth - THe Real Sources of Her Being Rich With Her All Incomes

Published Wed Feb 24 2021 By riya
Lauren Przybyl Net Worth - THe Real Sources of Her Being Rich With Her All Incomes

Lauren Przybyl is an American journalist known for her work on Fox4 News Channel. She is also known for working as an anchor for MSNBC, CNN, and The Weather Channel. 

Lauren was born in 1978 in Northern Texas, USA. She always wanted to be a marine biologist, but she fell in love with it when she entered the world of journalism. 

How Rich is Lauren? Find Her Net Worth

Lauren is believed to have earned millions of dollars from her work as an anchor and journalist. She has over $1million worth so far. Her average salary is $40K per annum as per authorized sources.

 Although she hasn't talked about her riches, such as houses and cars, she can seemingly support her family well from her career. 

Apart from her own earning, her husband also earns a handsome sumptuous salary of about $200k yearly. Together they have a decent net worth.

Besides her earning from journalism, she also earns good money from other different videos and YouTube.She was also paid a good amount by YouTube for featuring some advertisements on her videos.

Lauren does not only actively appear on the news but also different videos on the internet. She was featured in videos such that  “It’s a Boy for Lauren Przybyl,” “Tell It to Tim: Where’s Lauren?” and “TOY STORIES – LAUREN PRZYBYL.” 

Her debut video was with “Hair Hijinx” following this, she continued uploading more videos, such as “Wind (or wine) down Wednesday 5/16/2018”, “Good Day 4 am Promos”, and “Favorite Foundation – Scary Statistic – The Tooth Fairy” and many more.

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Lauren's YouTube Career 

As an active YouTube video  Creator, Przybyl started making good videos for her channel. In May 2018, she uploaded a video about makeup named “A Sticky Speedy Makeup Tip” and another makeup video titled “The Golden Glow.”

 Other most liked videos of her include “Favorite home product – it’s not just a hose!!”, “A lot of yards! Moroccan Oil & Sleeping” and “Closet Confession.” She makes a total of nine videos, and she is not seen active on YouTube these days.

Fun Fact: She had to report from a snake pit surrounded by hundreds of rattlesnakes on the very first day of her work.

How did she rise to fame?

Apart from riches, she has also earned good fame in her journalism field. She has worked with reputed news channels such as KTXS-TV, WHDH-TV, MSNBC, CNN, KDFW-TV, and many more

 She has more than 60k likes on her Facebook page and above 9k followers on Twitter. She has also gained a tremendous amount of love and support from her followers.

Lauren on vacation with her family.
Lauren on vacation with her family.

Image Source: Instagram

Lauren and her family travel to a particular destination every year, showing that she has a good income.

Lauren Przybyl's Career

Lauren started her job as a rookie reporter in the year 2005 approximately. She currently works for KDFW and  FOX4 as a reporter and an anchor. She is also recognized  for anchoring the show, "Good Day." 

She has also worked in "Today Show" and stations like MSNBC, CNN, and The Weather Channel. Lauren's first shot in her journalism career was as a rookie reporter in the year 2005 approximately.

Lauren as a journalist
Lauren as a journalist
Image Source: Uncle Barky 

Przybyl wanted to be a marine biologist but ended up being a journalist. Her professor introduced her to the world of the news business.

Whom did She Marry?

 Przybyl tied the knot with Shane Miller in 2012 after dating for months. Her husband is a Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Sports Medicine Center. 

Lauren's Family
Image Source: @Lauren Przybyl Facebook

A year after their marriage, Lauren became pregnant. They further have two beautiful children, daughter Landry Elizabeth born in 2013, and a baby boy Beck Matthew born in 2016. As of 2020, her daughter's age is 7, and her son is 4.